Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Two weeks in

We have been at the coast for two weeks. When we came out, the plan was to be here for about four and a half weeks, and then head back to Eugene to finish the term. It's hard to believe how much has changed, and we could be out here through September, with occasional jaunts back to Eugene to water the plants and get food and care from the vet as needed.  I just feel safer here--the grocery store only had three people in it when I went by yesterday, and they've taped down lines to the floor so people will stand behind them. I'm lucky I brought out so much yarn and embroidery, but in reality I haven't finished the things I brought out and so an entire plastic tub of yarn might have been overkill--if the four week thing had held.

I think I'm feeling a bit---I don't know---antsy?

The weather has been crazy, going from stormy to sunny in half an hour. Here was the sky this morning:

We left for a dog walk in the sun, and five minutes later it was hailing.

The Local Yarn Shop shawl is progressing--

Here is a close up of the rib and lace:

I've made a few Easter cards, and am wondering about 'next' projects for the machine. I have some leather and fake leather so may try something with that.

I hope you and yours are all well and safe. 


Kym said...

These are certainly trying days. I'm so glad you've found a peaceful place to land - where you feel safe. This is so important right now. When nothing is normal at all anymore. I received your lovely card! It was extra-special, as it arrived on my (socially distant, self-isolating) birthday. What a treat! Thank you. XO

KSD said...

Hailing? Wow.

Stay sane.