Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Your public service announcement for the day: today is Wednesday

Yes, I'm slowly losing track of time.  It took me a few minutes yesterday to figure out it was Tuesday. Self-isolation plus spring break plus lack of sleep is to blame.  I also lost the scoop for the dog food between dinner yesterday and breakfast today and that type of thing generally brings out the OCD in me but I'm letting it slide. We will survive.

Pacific City has pretty much emptied out. Our little neighborhood on the hill above the town is maybe a third full? Which is pretty normal for this time of year. Our immediate neighbors are all here, and we text one another and run into them on dog walks. We have met a few new neighbors as well (from a long distance, of course). I popped into the grocery store Monday evening and it felt like the Monday after a long summer weekend. I'm sure it will get restocked soon--and I could get everything on our relatively short list so that was good.

There has been knitting! I've been working on ABQ Sunset and wondering why it is going soooo slowly but then I realized I am at the 'long' end and there are lots of stitches on the needle. Here it is stretched out the bench where we feed the dogs (where there is no dog scoop):

Here's a close up of the work at the long end.

Have I shown you my Namaste train case? It holds two projects and a ton of accessories. Two projects meaning four balls of yarn. It's very cute.

I finished "The Antidote for Everything" and I liked it more and more as it went on. Now I"m reading "Fake Like Me" by Barbara Bourland and it is one of the most un-putdownable books I've read in a long time.  It's about a young woman artist who has her major exhibit destroyed in a fire in her loft, and goes to an artist collective's retreat in upstate to New York to try to recreate it in a short time. There's a mystery there (but this isn't a mystery) and the ruminations on art are fascinating. And wealth. Trust me. It's really good.

Yesterday we had a very soaky day, but look what we saw first ting in the morning:

I always am saying to myself that I need a sign that all will be well, and it took me to last night to ask myself if this was indeed the sign. Maybe it was.


Vera said...

Love that rainbow! And your ABQ Shawl is so pretty. No dog scoop? Use your hands! That advice is from someone with no dog but only a cat. Chilly and wet here. Keeping busy with working out, knitting, dining, figuring out next projects, etc.

Tired Teacher 2 said...

It’s odd to see bare shelves in the grocery store, but it emphasizes just how blessed I’ve been for so long. It gives me a glimpse of what my parents must have endured so many years ago. The rainbow is indeed a sign - hold that in your heart.

Kym said...

Okay. That rainbow! Thanks so much for sharing it!
I haven't been to the grocery store in a week . . . and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that when I go back tomorrow, a few of the shelves will be slightly less bare. But I'm not counting on it.
And thanks for that book rec. I'm looking for something engaging and (maybe even . . . fun?) because I tend toward The Serious and The Dour when it comes to fiction, and I could use something a little . . . less so . . . these days.

Delighted Hands said...

You are going to find that dog food scoop in a really random place and we will laugh with you! Nice work on the new shawl-great case for travelling!
At least the rainbow is a sign of the promise the whole world will never again flood! lol Pretty photo of this one!