Sunday, April 12, 2020

A different Easter

We usually don't do a lot for Easter, but we try to make it a little special with cards and candy and a special dinner.  Easter is a little different this year, but we still have some special things planned.

This is the bag of painted rocks (to look like Easter Egg) that we stealthily delivered last night to eight of our neighbors (and to two restaurants in town). We just wanted to give people a little surprise on Easter morning, and had fun painting them as well.

I made this table decoration using the Silhouette.

I did get some Easter candy at the little grocery store and decorated a glass jar with a purple holographic bunny. As one does.

I finished my little Rainbow town this morning. The pattern is "It Takes a Village" from Cozy Blue Handmade.

Not Easter related, but I did these Koi cards for some people who have birthdays coming up.

Enjoy the peace of this day!


Vera said...

Love the rocks! and the Koi cards are so pretty.

kayT said...

I'm very captivated by that Village you have been stitching lately. I wish I could do that. I also like your table decoration; the lighting of it is wonderful! Happy Easter to you and thanks for all the great pictures you post.

Tired Teacher 2 said...

The painted rocks are FUN. Love the stitched village, and the koi cards! Happy Easter

Delighted Hands said...

How nice of you to paint the rocks for a neighborhood surprise! Great crafting, too!

kathy b said...

painting the rocks is so so sweet. Our lil neighbors girls have left us two rocks! It is a sweet sight.
I love my bunny cut out card. Its framed

KSD said...

As one does.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Love the Easter rock idea and your village embroidery is beautiful.