Friday, April 03, 2020

A few things

I'm a little tense today--we are hearing some very bad news about the financial situation of the University, and while as a tenured faculty member I'm fine, this is not going to be a good situation for us moving forward. Yikes.

I have a bit more done on the Local Yarn Shop shawl--

This will look better blocked.

We had a beautiful sunset--

And now we may have snow.



Kym said...

It's always something, isn't it??? Just keep knitting! (And posting your beautiful coastal views.) XO

Tired Teacher 2 said...

Beautiful sunset! Unfortunately, financial ripples and waves are going to affect everything for years, possibly decades. It’s going to be a WILD ride.

Vera said...

I agree that the financial impacts are going to be massive and long-reaching. 60% of my parent company's business is non-existent right now. That's HUGE. Meanwhile, your sunset pictures are always so soothing. Stay well and keep on keepin' on.

KSD said...

I'm keeping your card in sight, to keep me calm and happy.

Kudos to your governor for sending ventilators to New York, btw.

fillyjonk said...

Yeah, I'm concerned for my university, too. A colleague as much as told me "Oh, they'd keep YOU on because you straddle both the regular-biology and the conservation fields" but I wish I were as sanguine about it as he was. (I am tenured and am about midrange in terms of seniority).

I would be willing to accept a pay cut if it came to that, especially if it meant that the new people we hired on recently get to keep their jobs. I suspect this COULD wind up being not as bad for higher ed as some fields, though. I'm hoping.

We've been told summer classes will be online (but I don't teach summers anyway) and to brace for fall classes MAYBE starting out (at least) online. That's....not so great, but at least I will have the summer to prep, and I only teach one lab in the fall that I'd have to try to find online simulations/do-it-at-homes for.

I realized in all this I do not love online teaching. I like having the chance to talk casually with students without having to go through the Zoom interface or similar. I really hope we can safely get back to that sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

My spouse works for a private university with a huge endowment, and it's amazing how quickly the U. started talking about money troubles. It's scary.