Friday, April 24, 2020

Finally Friday

Another week of Zoom meetings, student problems, financial traumas, and rainy weather--I miss Summer of 2019. We're headed back for two days to Eugene tomorrow--alpaca shearing on Sunday, and general house maintenance the rest of the time. Tim is going to (and all the animals, as a result) for this quick trip.

I have fourteen rows left on this:

I have a lot of the light color but not a lot of the dark, and I'm supposed to finish it off with the dark. There may be some vamping happening.

See you Monday! With alpaca pictures!


Delighted Hands said...

I can only imagine the turmoil of doing the online classes on the fly like this! I'm sorry. The shawl is really nice from the updates--the final photo is going to be superb!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

This whole online class thing is .... Well, it's just Argh!! We don't have internet at the house we are living in, only our phones and they have limited data. My daughter has a timed, 6 hour final exam next week that she's going to have to take sitting in her car in a library parking lot. Her computer won't even stay charged that long. The plan is for her to take a generator with her to set outside of her car and plug the computer into. And then pray the 'chugging' of the generator doesn't destroy her laptop. And also pray that we don't have a heat wave or cold snap that day. And that she doesn't have to pee! LOL Argh!

Vamped or not, your shawl will be beautiful!

Safe travels,

kathy b said...

I want good news from the alpacas . Cria..... update?
You shawl will be gorgeous no matter how you finish it 
It is cold and dreary and yuck.
I persisted and went down into the woods in the drizzle and cold, and planted the clover ...finally

I have been readying the woods and soil for this planting time. My goal with the clover is to enrich the soil in the areas where our very oldest trees are located. I also would like it to help the pollinators

I also took a not good looking potato and am seeding irish roots must be afraid of the potato famine.....during Covid