Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Mid week updates

I've pretty much recovered from shearing, although my arms are still a bit achy. I'm glad you all liked the photos--it really is a special day on the farm. Ann calls it our 'harvest'.

First up, my tiny needle progress:

As a reminder, I'm doing this on blue cloth, and the white that you see is the transfer paper (the kind I use is here). This paper will dissolve in water once I'm done (and put it in water, obviously).

I've been reading.
Even though I feel like I have no time, I did finish "My Dark Vanessa" and then zipped through "I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican  Daughter." Kym, Bonny and Carole are reading this and hosting a discussion on it in May. I hope to be able to join in on that! I really liked the character of Julia, who is about as different from Vanessa as a person could be.

I have a craft closet!
We have a dedicated 'utility' room which is officially my craft room, and I've kind of exploded into it with all my hobbies. You can see in this picture that I have a lot of drawers and shelves, but not all this is for my hobbies. Some of it is for cleaning supplies, appliance manuals, jigsaw puzzles, and that drawer we all have in our homes somewhere.

At the end of the hallway, to the right, is a closet. We put up a shelf in the closet in the craft room and now I feel much more organized. I have room in the utility room for work stuff (a shelf for notes etcetera) and things aren't exploding.

Don't I look organized?


kathy b said...


Kym said...

First, what a fabulous utility room you have!!! And doesn't it feel great to have an organized closet like that? (I say that . . . as if I had one . . . ) :-)

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

I would love to be that organized! I spent 45+ minutes last night looking for a specific knitting needle that I knew I had somewhere but couldn't remember where I'd stored it.

Delighted Hands said...

Oh, I love the way you have found a nice home for everything! A clear surface on the counters means you always have a nice place to work on something!