Sunday, April 05, 2020

Snow report: no snow!

It ended up not snowing, just kind of cold, and yesterday didn't get rainy until later in the afternoon.

Life update
We took the dogs for a long walk and then got carry out lunch from one of the two little places in town that we're supporting.

As we're basically homebodies, life doesn't seem *that* different these days, other than the difference of living in a tiny town. We order a lot of stuff online. We have a tiny grocery store in town, and as it is off season there are rarely more than three or four people there when I go (and given that it is a grocery store in a tourist town, it has a lot of snacks and very little meat and fresh produce, but enough for now). AND I snagged a box of TP from Amazon one lucky day and it arrived yesterday, so we're good for a few months in that area.

We're lucky we have Kindles and a smart TV, we have good internet, we are both healthy and the animals are all healthy, and we have plenty of wood for the fireplace.  Social distancing seems to be working in Oregon, and our curve seems to be flattening.  I did get a bunch of bandanas to do the folded mask thing (I found two rubber bands), in case things get worse in our county or for when I do my quick dash to the grocery store.

Tiny Needle
I've been working on my little village:

This is a very calming project, and I'm using random colors that all seem to play well together. This is one from Cozy Blue, and it's called "It Takes A Village"--I'm linking to the PDF page from her website in case you'd be interested in trying a little tiny needle project.

A few cards
I forgot to take pictures of the cards I sent out to my mom and Tim's mom yesterday, but here are a few more:

Painted Rocks
I've ordered acrylic paints to do painted rocks to hide around the neighborhood on Easter. We don't have a lot of little kids, but we have a few, and it will also be a nice little surprise for our neighbors.  I read about this on Kym's blog and told Tim about it, and we'll get some rocks when we go to the beach today (plus, we live on a rock road, so we have rocks right outside, the beach ones tend to be smoother and prettier).

I really need a 'take me away' book--I had a good run but now I'm just starting and stopping, starting and stopping. Maybe it hard to concentrate? Anyway, I'm reading:

  • "One Perfect Day", a non fiction journalistic investigation of the wedding industry. It is pretty much what you would expect, and it is challenging to read it thinking of all the brides and grooms that won't get the wedding they worked so hard for. 
  • "Adequate Yearly Progress", a novel about a struggling high school and a young faculty member's experiences trying to make it better. It is described as "The Office for High School" but it isn't, quite.
  • "In Five Years": I'm not sure how I would describe this novel, but I'm sticking with it for now. The story is, a woman spends one hour in her life five years in the future, and then goes back to her real life. As her life goes on, the implications of that hour become more apparent. It is pretty good, although the premise is just odd.
  • "Actress": started it, it didn't grab me, I'll try it again.
  • "Lady in Waiting" about a woman who was a lady in waiting to Princess Margaret. I love a good royal story, but this one is oddly dry. 
  • Tim is making pizza from scratch!
  • We will take a walk on the beach! We could walk from our house--it is probably 3/4 of a mile since it isn't a straight shot. But, we have friends who have a place that's only 1/4 of a mile and they said we could park there (the parking lots at all the beaches are closed). So we'll take the dogs down there and have a bit of a different viewpoint.
  • I may do a bit of glass etching.
  • Shearing is still on for three weeks from today, and I'll go to Eugene for that. Ann usually has a big crew come from San Francisco and Seattle, but the SF people are definitely not coming, and if the Seattle people come they will have to self isolate. So it will be a small crew, shearing in the out of doors, all of us wearing masks. I guess the shearer could still cancel.
  • Tink is due on 6/5, and I am sure I won't be there for the birth :-( but will definitely head over to Eugene once the cria is here.
That's it from here. I think of all of you often and hope you are safe and sound. 


Vera said...

Yum for pizza from scratch. I may need to do that this week! Your tiny stitching is so pretty - love all the colors in that piece. Glad you two are doing well sheltering on the Coast.

Kym said...

The village stitching piece is so charming . . . I may need one of those myself! Have fun with your rock-painting. I'm really excited to hear all about it. Be well. XO

KSD said...

Day-to-day here hasn't changed much, either, but it feels very different.