Monday, April 20, 2020

The Weekend

Our weekend included:
-good beach walk before rain
 -not being able to tell where the ocean stops and the sky begins
 -a good deal of work on the local yarn shop shawl
-binging on "Ozark"
-banana chocolate chip pancakes (thanks to Tim).

Interspersed with all the tough stuff. So OK.


Delighted Hands said...

I like the bangs! I cut them about once a year! lol
Very interesting picture of the ocean/sky. I saved one of your 'rock' photos and I think I am going to try and paint it!

kayT said...

I saw a t-shirt that said "Quarantine Hair and I Don't Care", which pretty much sums me up. Your hair looks good!

kathy b said...

Hi Kim!!! i love your bangs. I think when we first started following each other we both had bangs!! I go back and forth!
Hang in there with work....Im thinking of you.
I love all your ROCK photos.
We had a big bike ride into the north winds blowing at us. It was supposed to be sunny and 50s. It felt like 30s. Why does my electric assist bike not have a heater?

Kym said...

I like the bangs! :-)
(And now I'm in the mood for some banana pancakes.) (If only I had syrup in the house. . . )
Wishing you a good day.

Vera said...

Your bangs look great! I have not had bangs in decades!! LOL Oh those pancakes sound delicious....

KSD said...

Rockin' the bangs, Twinster.