Sunday, May 24, 2020

A little sun, a little conversation, a little knitting

It's Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and we have another day of weekend! Hooray! Here are some quick updates.

1. Tink is very pregnant.  Her due date is 6/5 but an 'on time' delivery is considered the two weeks before and two weeks after. She became 'two weeks before' last Friday. I'm going to miss the birth but given the schedule I'm pretty sure I can get back to Eugene the day she gives birth (as long as it isn't this Wednesday after 11am).

 Ann sent this photo today.  She's big. And she is drinking a lot of water, which is a good sign.

2. Some knitting! This is Hope and Breathe. It is really mindless knitting (which is good) but  I haven't had a lot of mindless time.

3. I put the social in social distancing! My friend Lauren has a coast house about an hour north of here, and she was there for a couple days, and stopped by on her way back to Eugene. It was great to see her and catch up (we Zoom but it isn't the same). Tonight we're heading over to our neighbors Kevin and Patty for a little outside gathering with a group of neighbors. 

4. Another visitor: 

This guy comes and visits our back fence every day, sometimes several times a day.  Tim thinks it is an oriole. 

5. I finished "Rodham" and it was good but still disconcerting to be reading a novel written in first person by a real person. 

Hope you have the kind of Memorial Day that you want!


Delighted Hands said...

I'm glad the weekend is just what you needed! the shawl and oriole are beautiful each in their own way!

KSD said...

I wonder why the urge to drink water pre-natal? Interesting.

kathy b said...

Oh Tink about to deliver ! YOU KNOW HOW EXCITED I GET FOR A CRIA~~
I know you'll let us know! Boy does that improve my mood!

My knitting has been T i n k ing come to think of it

kathy b said...

Oh and I'd agree that is an oriole. We have up to four at a time on our feeder. They are ravenous. Hahaha. Fireman just loves these birds. We refill the jelly twice a day! I think now that we have had some warmer days the insects will be available for them to eat also.

rosy said...

Go Tink! X