Sunday, May 10, 2020

And now for something completely different

I've been playing around with jewelry! 

My miraculous cutting machine will cut thin leather, so I'm trying a few things.

First, two necklaces:

 This is the rock! The circle on the outside got a little wonky.

 This is a whale's tail!

These are both two layered--the silver layer is cut out and the back layer is solid navy blue. It took many iterations to get a good size (and these are still kind of big, but I worry that the cuts won't work if they get any smaller.

 I also have a few bracelets that I'm working on-here's one!

And next weekend: SHRINKY DINKS!!

Happy Mother's Day to all my mother blog reading friends. The dogs gave me a very cute card this morning. We talked to both our moms--Tim's is 97 and mine is 92. I have always had a bit of a challenging relationship with my mother and it isn't getting better, but she does enjoy the cards I send her. She thinks I can sell them for $20 each. She's a bit nuts.


kathy b said...

Oh I love the whale tail!!!! It is interesting how our relationships with our parents can be so different from mother to father . From sibling to parent . From sibling to sibling.
A card from the dogs is a darling idea.....
We. Had. Snow. Im not kidding!
I had lots of time to knit! Fireman cooked dinner. I talked to zach and al and then I missed them more!

My neighbors showed up with some plants for me yesterday. What a wonderful surprise. IT was very unexpected. I wore my mask and thanked them!!

Delighted Hands said...

What fun to make jewelry, too! I like the whale's tail, too!
Wonderful to talk with your Mom--I hope mine lives at least that age...

Vera said...

Neat jewelry - I love the rock!! I keep hearing about shrinky dinks which I had never heard of previously (obviously a deprived childhood).

Kym said...

Very cool, Kim! Isn't it fun to PLAY with all this crafty stuff? I think you've done a brilliant job with your jewelry. I have never tried ShrinkyDinks, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do. :-)

KSD said...

You, Dearest Twinster, got ALL the creative brilliance in our duo.