Thursday, May 07, 2020

And yet another shawl

I've started Breathe and Hope by Casapinka, using some yarn I got on clearance from a Portland dyer who has gone out of business (Black Trillium, goodbye, you were a lovely shop with lovely yarn).

These are two colors of blue and they are so, so pretty.

What else? Well it has bene busy at work, of course, but we're just about done with week 6 so only 4 weeks and finals week left. I think I can get this done.

I've been searching for a good book and nothing is 'taking'. I read "Polite Society" which is a retelling of Emma in India which was--fine. I kept reading it but it didn't 'grab' me. I'm now reading "Girls Like Us" which is about Carole King and Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon and so far it is good but not grabbing me.

I may have to reread "State of Wonder" for the gazillionth time.

Other than that, it is work and bananagrams and Carcasone and insomnia.


kathy b said...

Insomnia is going around!! Ive certainly had a horrible time falling asleep. Im watching Trevor Noah do a stand up routine. He is so clean. He is such a good story teller. Give it a try. ?

kathy b said...


Just read from someone that Redhead BY the Side of the Road is delightful reading

Delighted Hands said...

Pretty shawl start! I'm sure we will be losing even more yarn shops because of the shut down. Such a shame. Glad school is going ok for you now.

Vera said...

Finally I am sleeping well (and I hope I didn't just jinx myself). I'm still finding reading difficult - can't sink my teeth (or mind) into anything. I am finding that I am prefering "real" (i.e., paper) books over ebooks, but still...

Kym said...

You are CRANKING out those shawls! Good work! :-) I read Girls LIke Us when it first came out . . . quite a few years ago. I remember liking it then, but don't know that I'd be in the mood for it now. (Seems like I'm on an all-mysteries-all-the-time kick at the moment.) Have a great weekend, Kim.