Friday, May 29, 2020

Friday morning

No word yet on baby alpaca--it is still early though (it is before 8am here). Generally, they don't like giving birth if it is hot or if it is rainy.

I hope it is today, I don't think it will be tomorrow. I asked Tim this morning if he thought it would be today and he said "No. It is always like this. They make us wait and wait." And he's right!

So stay tuned.

The Moon Shawl

This is pretty fun to knit. Here's the schematic:

Here it is now--it is too big to stretch out on the needle, and it is upside down (oops) but it is coming along. I'm working on the second half of the 'medium' color in the schematic above.

Here is a close up. There is i-cord bind off between the elements, which is fiddly, but it looks cool.

Yesterday was one of the most amazing sunsets ever. We are at that time in the year when the sun sets almost directly behind the rock--it should be like this (or a little further North) for a few weeks now. We did a quick walk around the block last night so we could see this from a few perspectives.

Although in retrospect they all look the same.

Coming up
One more week of classes--although in my undergrad class they're finishing a project, and in the graduate class they're finishing multiple projects.

Whenever the cria comes, I'll be able to go back to Eugene almost immediately. I have things organized that I can just throw stuff in the truck so that's good.


KSD said...

Babies. Always on their own timetables.

Kym said...

It's so hard to wait!
That shawl looks so interesting. I can't wait to see it all finished up.
(And, as always, such a lovely view you have.)

Kim in Oregon said...

1:30 update: no cria. Ann said her body is ready.

Delighted Hands said...

Waiting is hard! The photos are beautiful. I'm glad you will be able to go as soon as you need to do so!