Friday, May 22, 2020

Holding our breaths on the coast

I haven't been a good blogger this week--it has been busy with lots of grading, helping students, and dealing with the increasingly stupid decisions and tone deaf communications from the University leadership. It has been pretty rainy here too. I'm looking forward to doing fun stuff at home this weekend, and my friend Lauren is at her coast house an hour north of here and will hopefully come by on her way back to Eugene.

It is Memorial Day weekend, and even though the beaches are not yet open we're expecting a lot of people to come to the coast, especially since it is supposed to be a nice weekend. The hotels are still closed, as is the beach parking lots, but more restaurants are open. We have no plans to venture out at all. I did a quick stock up at the grocery yesterday.

Here are some pictures though, First up, a thank you card. Some neighbors we don't know very well gave us a gift of canned tuna (Scott is a fisherman and caught the tuna out in the ocean--about 50 miles out, and Barbara canned it).

 Did I tell you I got an embossing machine? Basically it is a pasta roller that you use with special embossing folders. Here is the closeup of the 'circle' above--
It gives some nice dimensions to the card.

This is a card for a 15-year old boy, because how are you supposed to know what kind of a card to give a 15 year old boy?


The moon shawl know has 'sky' on both sides. Thi is a fun knit. 

Last night's sunset was unlike any we have seen.

Enjoy the weekend!


Kym said...

That is a beautiful sunset! I always love your photos of the coast. You have an incredible view. :-)
The cards are great -- I love the texture from the embossing machine. Enjoy the weekend -- and so glad you'll be able to stay home safely.

rosy said...

Love the cards. I cross-stitch cards for family and I'll remember the '15' card for those times when I'm absolutely stuck for an idea!
The sunset looks like a painting ~ beautiful!

kathy b said...

Oh my gosh it raining sunshine into the ocean. What a beautiful share. I love your moon project.

Same kinds of things expected here for Memorial Day weekend. Lots of tourists. Few limitations. We are staying a way. Ha. They put a 300 person limit on our beach. That is not much of a limit!
I feel so for the hospital workers who will have to suffer a second wave.

We will have warm weather finally this weekend. !

News of the barn reopening inJuly has me unsettled. I was not sure I was ready before, having just recovered from the coccyx fracture. Now that they are providing masks for those who want to use them......I think we honestly will miss them so so much, but i cannot justfy our getting sick. I guess they cannot force anyone to wear masks. But I just read an article in an NPR illinois publication that discussed how large , very large, percentages of adults in group living situations, (many of our students from Wisconsin are in such situations) have been positive for COVID . some have died. I cannot be part of it. AND I would be a nervous wreck worrying about Troy or I getting it. SO today's news from the barn was a real downer for me. I will miss them so. I can offer to take some photographs outside if that is a help

Delighted Hands said...

Unwinding this weekend will do you good! Nice work on the embossing!
Fascinating shawl!