Wednesday, May 20, 2020

It's the home stretch!

Today is my last 'teaching' day for the undergrad class--they have an exam next Wednesday and their final projects are due the week after that.

My grad class is working in small teams to finish up our big class project.

There's a mountain of grading coming in, but I feel like the light is at the end of the tunnel.

Usually by now I'm thinking of projects I want to knit over the summer, but I'm thinking more about making cards and other things. I did bring a bunch of wool yarn out here to make felted slippers so those are on the list. Plus I have a bunch of projects that I have yarn for out here--but it is weird that there is none of the 'oh lets look at the stash and figure out what to do'. I will be going back to Eugene fairly regularly once the cria is born though, so maybe it will feel a bit different.

Anyway, I did these two cards yesterday (and they aren't yet cards, they need to put on top of a card at some point):

These have four layers of paper on them--the dark pink base, the bird, and then the flowers over the branches. I colored those all by hand with copic markers. I love how these look, and will try them with different colors next.

I'm reading 'Rodham' and it is good, but it is weird to read fiction with a first person narrator who I am familiar with. The novel reimagines what would happen if Hillary didn't marry Bill. Bill is THERE but she teaches law at Northwestern while he has his political career. I like it but it is unsettling.

Have a good day!


rosy said...

Love the cards ~ they are really pretty.
I had to read the paragraph about Rodham again because I didn't understand who/what you were writing about. And then the penny dropped!

kathy b said...

That paper with four components is so lovely Kim. You come to the end of the school year with grace, somehow, each year. They re so lucky to have you!!! You have made a difference in your work career!

Delighted Hands said...

I'm glad the light is visible at the end of the teaching tunnel now for you! The new almost cards are very cool! Nice work!

Vera said...

Love the cards - they are beautiful! Congrats on the end (almost) of the school year!!

KSD said...

Hooray for lighter loads!

How are the furbabies getting along these days?

Kym said...

I've been eager to hear from someone who read (is reading) Rodham! It sounds very . . . intriguing. But also kinda weird. And HURRAY for the end of a very challenging semester! Bravo.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Love the cards! Hope the grading goes quickly.