Saturday, May 16, 2020

Mystery TNT

I've just started this piece, which I really like.

It will be a whale when it is done (well so much for the mystery!). I have a fuzzy design printed on the solvy paper but I'm relying on a photo to be sure I do this right. It should be pretty amazing looking!

We had a horrific faculty meeting yesterday, with the Provost telling us that we shouldn't pay too much attention to Dr. Fauci because there are many ways to interpret studies (he was referring to studies about why you shouldn't be in an enclosed room for several hours).  He blamed everyone except the administration for the financial mess we're in---the state, the union, the students, but not anyone who is in any position to manage a budget. We also got lectured on our privilege. And at the end he said "I love participating in these morale building sessions." And he was not being ironic.

This weekend will be quiet and a bit rainy---reading, doing some crafts, and enjoying the fire. I hope yours is good.


KSD said...

I am fully grinding my teeth over that meeting. Sorry you had to endure such nonsense.

rosy said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished whale.
I had to read about the faculty meeting twice! Morale building??
Your weekend sounds lovely. Enjoy!

Bridget said...

Oh good Lord! Sounds like a session we had to attend yesterday about "Vulnerability and Leadership" - there were even breakout sessions!

I'm sure our higher ups are ready to tell us the same thing. And I am least am not in a position where I can not show up once we're told to, and keep my job.


I cannot wait to see your whale - I think its sounds like a wonderful project.

Tired Teacher 2 said...

Morale boosting? I guess your Provost uses the same dictionary as the President. 😉

kathy b said...

Not much of a leader!
I hope your whale is fun , because it will be awesome

Today was nice out. WE are in for lots of rain tomorrow. I may go out in it anyhow! Im craving many days of good weather, not just a few nowand then!!!!
It lifts my spirits when the sun is out
The yard is looking happy

Delighted Hands said...

enjoy the down time with the whale! Good thing the Provost is only at work...makes retirement look inviting! sorry for the stress!