Tuesday, May 12, 2020

These are going very slow

These socks, that is. These are the zig zag socks, and you can see the zig zag in the smaller picture but not so much in the larger picture.

We had a nice weekend, with lots of crafts (me) and working on his kayak (Tim), along with a good long walk. We watched "Knives Out" which was fun.

I also read "Big Summer" by Jennifer Weiner and even though it went on too long, it kept me focused which I needed in a book. I am now reading "Catherine House" and it seems creepy and good.

What's up with you?


KSD said...

Eh, you know. Same ol' same ol'.

Kym said...

I like the colors in your socks! They look summery and beach-y . . . and I can use that today (because while sunny, it was 21 freaking degrees F this morning when I woke up). :-)

Delighted Hands said...

Very pretty socks! The kayak excursion sounds great!

kathy b said...

What kind of kayak work? Im fussing with the cast off of my pi shawl. Id get more done but Fireman and I have to keep him going....as in 20 miles on the bike today in some windy sunny cool weather