Sunday, May 31, 2020

Things I don't have right now

-the ability to concentrate
-the ability to focus
-the ability to turn off my brain
-a good night's sleep
-any more tears

I'm in a bad, bad place--I'm guessing many of you are too. What is this country? Who are we? Why are we letting this happen?

I can't read. I find it hard to knit. I am constantly refreshing my browser to see what new horrors are out there. There's a protest happening in Eugene right now that my friend Deb's husband is covering, and I'm scared for him. I'm scared for all my black students. And my black friends and colleagues. I'm scared for our country.

I also don't have a baby cria--but I know I will. I KNOW I WILL. So if I can have faith for a cria, can I have faith for other things?

Let's look at some pictures.

We bought some plants for our deck yesterday. A coupe near us runs a small 'greenhouse' which is basically plastic cloths over a bunch of arches with lots of plants enough. We bought a dwarf cherry tree:

And this little one that is supposed to have some great flowers.

And a Lion's main maple.

While walking yesterday, we found some yarn bombing!

Highlight: the Friday night Zoom meeting with Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt.

May tomorrow be better.


Delighted Hands said...

One additional benefit of the grands being with us for a few days-no news allowed. Therefore, no stress about something I can't change.
Harsh but truth.

Vera said...

It MUST get better! such horrid things going on. hard to believe.

KSD said...

I have to be really careful about how much news I watch. Not knowing feels irresponsible, but knowing is crazy-making.

kathy b said...

Aw Kim. I am sure you are worried for your students of color. It is horrible to see a man killed by police , again, and then see no leadership in this terrible time.
I hope you can sleep a bit. I know TINK 's going to have a nice baby soon. Nature is so calming to me.
We all seem to tank at different times, thank God . Today my hubby was having a too much news day. not that we should put our heads in the sand, but I think he has more trouble sleeping and missing the kids when he watches so much news.
Love yoU!