Tuesday, May 26, 2020


It is week 9 of the term and it was such a treat to not have any responsibilities yesterday. Tim spent much of the day doing woodworking projects and I worked on cards in the morning (which is as much play as it is work) and made cookies in the afternoon (more work!). I grilled burgers and asparagus for dinner and it was a good day.

Sunday night was fun too--our neighbors Patty and Kevin had a fire outside and we went over at around 7:30 and hung out til 10. It was a lovely night with neighbors--at a social distance, of course.

I read "The Man of My Dreams", an older book by Curtis Sittenfeld (who also wrote Rodham) and I'm surprised I hadn't come across this one. I enjoyed it--a story of a young woman growing up and the family and men that shape her life. It was set in Boston (a lot of it) and I always enjoy a Boston-set book.

This is finished:

The photos were taken in two different places--the bottom one in more natural light. I really like this one.

I think that's it?


Vera said...

Gorgeous!!! Glad you could spend some time by a fire and socialize (while distancing). Sounds like a good weekend!

KSD said...

Fantastic whale. Glorious.

Kym said...

LOVE the whale! :-) And it's so nice that youcould get together for a bit of social distance entertaining with friends!

Delighted Hands said...

The 'visits' with neighbors is so good for you!
The whale is beautiful!

rosy said...

Oh the Whale is really WOW!

kathy b said...

Gorgeous Whale Kim

what am I T i n ki i n g? Hows TINK!!!!!!