Monday, May 18, 2020


It was a good weekend. Oregon has started its first phase of 'opening up' but the hotels and parks in our county are still closed, and it wasn't a great weather weekend so it was pretty quiet in town. Most of the little restaurants are going to continue during carry out and not have sit-down for a bit.   The hotels are scheduled to open after Memorial Day, and that has me a bit on edge but I guess it will be good for our little beach town.

I spent a bit of time playing with jewelry on the cutting machine. I cut out lots of little things for pendants.

I did a lot of cutting out.
Then I realized I liked that little star, and did a pendant of those.

If you have any desire for a little necklace, let me know. I have all the colors of the rainbow for cords.

I also cast on for a new project that could be pretty cool. It's called Moon and I think it is going to look really cool when it is done. You start with the 'full moon' and then work your way out from there.

What else? We watched "Bombshell" and I kept thinking how Covid-19 changed everything in terms of importance.

I read "Catherine House" which is getting lots and lots of hype and--it was OK. It is creepy if you like creepy books.

I also read a book on the history of Kensington Palace, and learned all about the Hanoverians and also it clarified Victoria's backstory so that was good.

That is about it from here. How was your weekend?


Delighted Hands said...

The shawl looks very interesting--will enjoy your updates. The necklaces are really cool-glad you are being creative; it's good for you!

rosy said...

Oh! I love those shapes ~ they are so pretty. I especially like the stars. Of course! With a daughter called Stella Maris!
What is the book? Only 17 miles from London and I've never been to Kensington Palace. Maybe after lock-down . . .
Nice weekend ~ hope your week is good too

Kym said...

It sounds like you had a very productive weekend! So . . . with things opening up in Oregon, are you eager to get out and about??? Or will you remain close to home? (Inquiring minds want to know!) XO

kathy b said...

Oh that moon! How neat. You pick up great projects Kim! We are hiding from everyone in our tourist town. We are convinced there will be trouble very soon because an awful lot of people are acting like it is 2019.

If we go out, we go on our bikes and we stay far from others. We try to just get to the trails which are pretty empty right now

I listened to a podcast: The Shrink Next Door. Lost interest after an episode. Im readying Two books. : Oklahoma Rodeo Women, from my kids . And The Girl Who ate the Moon . IM liking the fairy tale. But mostly IM knitting and working in the gardens.

KSD said...

"I did a lot of cutting out," she said casually.

Lovely work --- the only kind you do.