Tuesday, June 30, 2020

TNT and a FO

I have a lot more pictures to share--of MANA! She's feisty.
Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 28, 2020

More Hope and Breathe

I still need to weave in ends (if I have a tombstone, this will be on my tombstone). I photographed this on the new shelves inour bedroom

I like it.

I have cast on for a new project. It's the Asbury Park shawl and it has BEADS! It's early days so more on this soon. There is also a wrap with two colors. So far I like this pattern a lot--more engaging and lots of changes.

I'm also playing yarn chicken with the moon shawl. I"m on the dark purple color and  there are now about 450 stitches on the needle and I have 12 rows to go and I'm not sure there will be enough yarn there. I'm heading to Eugene tomorrow and will dig around to see if I can find one more skein of this purple color so I'm not freaking out. 

Hopefully it will be ok. 

Yesterday I mowed the lawn and read and knit. Our soon-to-be new neighbors Jackson and CJ came by for social distance cocktail hour--they're building a house a few houses down from us. Today the weather is foggy and damp, typical beach weather!

Tomorrow I see Mana! I pronounce her name Mah-nuh with soft vowels. 

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen---a finished object!

Well, I think primarily Ladies.

I finished Breathe and Hope! It doesn't look quite as bright and pretty here--it is blocking in the sauna. And it is upside down. I'll take a photo outside when it dries. 

We nipped down to the beach yesterday at 5 o'clock--we had been fogged in all day and wanted to get out and see the ocean. We climbed up the saddle--you can see the rock just behind Tim's ear.

This is what it looks like when fog lifts over the ocean.

Mana is doing great! I'm headed to Eugene on Monday for a vet appointment and to see her. Ann sends regular updates, including this video:

Tuesday, June 23, 2020


It's Tiny Needle Tuesday!

This is almost done. I just have some clouds and then it is ready to go on the wall!

For a few days a year, the sun sets north of the rock. We got to see if yesterday.

I'm participating in a card swap on Rav, and this is one I made (one of myfavorites). It is going all the way to Londong.
I haven't told you this--but I've been biking on the beach! I 'inherited' a beach cruiser (aka a 'fixie') and have taken it for a spin a few times. I'm a bit out of shape (understatement) so I have only done a few miles--and it is a bit challenging riding on the beach. 
1.  it is flat, and so there is really no 'coasting' and so I'm pedaling all the time  (not Spin Class fast but you have to keep a pretty good pressure since 
2. sand is not--conducive?--to bike riding and 
3. wind. Even a 4-5 mile 'breeze' from the North makes riding South a breeze and North a pain. I've been starting at the Cape, where you have to ride South first (the Cape keeps you from being able to ride North), but I'm going to start riding from Bob Straub park, which is south of the Cape, so I can ride North into the breeze and then turn around and ride South.

That's all from here!

Saturday, June 20, 2020

What I've been doing

It is a rainy Saturday on the coast, nice and quiet. We hosted social distancing happy hour with neighbors yesterday evening--the fog rolled in but it wasn't windy and it was kind of warm, so it was fun to hang out on the driveway and chat with our new-ish friends. 

The moon shawl is at its last phase (ha ha --- moon---phase---):

Here it is a bit lightened up so you can see the details. There are dark purple bands that are icord bind offs which look really good.

I have a dark purple band to add, then icord bind off all the way around.  Then the phases of the moon get stitched into the final band.

Yesterday I spent almost the whole day working on cards. I may have told you that I'm going to make cards to give as Christmas gifts to our moms--they don't get out much and seem to like the cards I make.

I ended up making four of each pattern (at least) so I could have one or two to practice on. The first one is a waves card 9the one in the upper right has the 'backing' so you can see how it will look.

This is some kind of pretty plant card. The lower right hand has the backing.

The crane cards! I made these in gold and silver.

This is two tones of grey --I may try to color in the little birds.

This is my favorite thought it is hard to see. There are little sailboats and the sails pop up.

It doesn't seem like these would take six hours but they did!

I hope your Saturday is just what you want it to be!

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Tuesday, June 16, 2020


It's Tiny Needle Tuesday! And I have tiny  needlework to show you!

This is the June kit from Cozy Blue Handmade and I love it!

I forgot to mention yesterday that we watched two good things over the weekend. The first was Dolemite is My Name, on Netflix, which is a story about a real person, Rudy Rae Moore, who starred in a lot of Blaxploitation films. I knew nothing about him, but I certainly lived through this time period, and it was really interesting and pretty funny. It's also very, very raunchy. Very raunchy.

The second was "Quiz" which is streaming on AMC--it is three short episode (45 minutes each I guess) and it is really good--about a scandal about "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" in the UK. It has a ton of recognizable actors (if you watch any Brit TV at all) including Matthew MacFayden, Michael Sheen, Mark Bonnar (from Shetland), and Helen McCrory (she and Michael Sheen were in "The Queen" and it was directed by Stephen Frears who also did the Queen).

Happy TNT!

Monday, June 15, 2020


My grades are in, and Summer is here! Of course it is 55 degrees and pouring down rain here at the coast but that is OK! 

The weekend was spent on house projects--Tim built a holder for our kayaks so they can move out of the garage, and we planted the plants we got in the new planters. I mowed and weed whacked. I also sat in a cozy chair and read a book and knit and I COULD CONCENTRATE--the book was Pretty Things by Janelle Brown. It's about con artists. I kind of love con artist stories, and I also love art theft stories. WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT ME?

I worked on several knitting and tiny needle projects. This is the moon one--it now has something like 425 stitches on the needle and yikes.

Mana is doing great! Ann sent this little video of her!

There's a very good shot of her face at the end.

To celebrate summer, I went to the Safeway in Lincoln City (about 30 minutes from here) and brought lots of protein. And veggies. And other stuff. Our little store is fine with dairy stuff and snacks, but not so much with everything else.  Everyone was wearing a mask, everyone was social distancing,and everyone was nice. I guess the 7:30 am timeslot if the winning one!

Friday, June 12, 2020

Let's recap this week, shall we?

Monday: left Pacific City at 7:50, arrived at the farm at 10:15ish, talked to Tink for about an hour encouraging her to give birth. She ignored me. Went to the house in Eugene, had a 3 hour Zoom where students presented their projects. At 3pm went to tell a student goodbye and pick up a bicycle, then went over to my colleague's house and hung out in her yard for a while. Back to Eugene house, wrangled bicycle, made dinner, caught up on emails. 

Tuesday: spent the morning gathering stuff to take back to the coast and checking in with Ann, had a 4 hour Zoom where students presented projects, loaded bikes into the truck, drove back to the coast. 

Wednesday: quick errands, caught up on emails, got the text that Tink was in labor, drove back to the farm, hung out with Tink and Mana, then did some Eugene errands.

Thursday: Back to the farm at 8am, hung out with Tink and Mana, then back to the coast house. 

I'm tired.  But happy because Mana is so great. 

Now a few pictures. 

Here is Mana. She's dark brown which is hard to photograph, and she has black ears like her brother Calypso. She doesn't have the markings like Calypso and Tink--she looks more like her sister Georgia, marking-wise.

One of my next knitting projects: from Casapinka.

Another upcoming project!

Oh hey we had an amazing sunset last night.

One of the three pots I bought in Eugene and brought back to the Coast.

Another pot.

Another sunset photo.

She's a cutie.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020