Tuesday, June 02, 2020

I still can't focus-

--I can barely even read blog posts.

Still no cria (her 'due date' is Thursday so everything is absolutely fine, other than I want her to have the cria now!).

Let's just look at some pretty pictures.

 A new little stitch project.

Last night.
The night before.
When I can't focus, I just cut out little colored paper shapes.


Vera said...

I think a lot of folks are having a difficult time focusing or finding focus right now. I say just cut out your shapes and enjoy your beautiful sunsets.

kathy b said...

Oh Kim. .Big hugs to you. I find gardening helps me. Tink tink,, come on Tink. Keep cutting out shapes. Maybe cut them out of cookie dough??????

Delighted Hands said...

Waiting is so hard....the sun just behind the 'rock' is beautiful!