Thursday, June 25, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen---a finished object!

Well, I think primarily Ladies.

I finished Breathe and Hope! It doesn't look quite as bright and pretty here--it is blocking in the sauna. And it is upside down. I'll take a photo outside when it dries. 

We nipped down to the beach yesterday at 5 o'clock--we had been fogged in all day and wanted to get out and see the ocean. We climbed up the saddle--you can see the rock just behind Tim's ear.

This is what it looks like when fog lifts over the ocean.

Mana is doing great! I'm headed to Eugene on Monday for a vet appointment and to see her. Ann sends regular updates, including this video:


Delighted Hands said...

Nice finish--can't wait to see it right side up!
The cria is so sweet-I would love to give her a good hug and rub!
How are you pronouncing her name? M- long a-na or M- short a -na-no one likes their name mispronounced! lol

Kym said...

Lovely things, all!

KSD said...

Mana is so sassy and spry! (In an alliterative mood today; don't know why.)

Mereknits said...

Mana is gorgeous and so is that beautiful beach. Enjoy your knitting and stay safe.