Saturday, June 20, 2020

What I've been doing

It is a rainy Saturday on the coast, nice and quiet. We hosted social distancing happy hour with neighbors yesterday evening--the fog rolled in but it wasn't windy and it was kind of warm, so it was fun to hang out on the driveway and chat with our new-ish friends. 

The moon shawl is at its last phase (ha ha --- moon---phase---):

Here it is a bit lightened up so you can see the details. There are dark purple bands that are icord bind offs which look really good.

I have a dark purple band to add, then icord bind off all the way around.  Then the phases of the moon get stitched into the final band.

Yesterday I spent almost the whole day working on cards. I may have told you that I'm going to make cards to give as Christmas gifts to our moms--they don't get out much and seem to like the cards I make.

I ended up making four of each pattern (at least) so I could have one or two to practice on. The first one is a waves card 9the one in the upper right has the 'backing' so you can see how it will look.

This is some kind of pretty plant card. The lower right hand has the backing.

The crane cards! I made these in gold and silver.

This is two tones of grey --I may try to color in the little birds.

This is my favorite thought it is hard to see. There are little sailboats and the sails pop up.

It doesn't seem like these would take six hours but they did!

I hope your Saturday is just what you want it to be!


Caffeine Girl said...

Wait, those only took six hours? They look like they'd take forever. I think these will make lovely gifts.

And I do enjoy a good pun!

Delighted Hands said...

How pretty--I really like the birds on the wires!

KSD said...

Beautiful work all the way around.

kathy b said...

All of your paper work is amazing KIM! Really . They are works of art~! Glad your distancing evening went well

Vera said...

Those cards are so pretty and look like a ton of work to me! I love the birds on the wire. Your moon shawl is very pretty too. I can't wait to see the different phases.

Kym said...

Such pretty cards -- and your shawl is very cool! So glad you had a nice evening with friends. XO

Mereknits said...

Your cards are amazing, so intricate. Stay well and safe.