Thursday, July 30, 2020

Lots of photos!

I'm not sure why I have so many photos today!  It's been a lovely few days with nice weather--yesterday afternoon I drove up North to Manzanita to see my Eugene friend Lauren who has a house in Manzanita. It's less than 60 miles but it is all on 101, a two lane road that goes up and down the entire West Coast and so is a pretty major thoroughfair. It also goes through lots of little vacation towns and can I tell you? Vacations are clearly happening on the Oregon Coast. It took almost an hour and a half to drive up because of all the traffic in the little touristy towns. Coming home, I left Lauren's at 5:30 and it only took about 70 minutes because I guess everyone was having dinner or whatever. But it was fun to see her and her charming cottage and to actually get out into the real world for a bit (although certainly the Oregon coast isn't very 'real'). 

Yesterday was Calypso's birthday--three years old! I didn't get to spend it with him but I'm sure Ann showered him with love. This was taken last time I was there.

First, some neighborhood flowers! This one is in the yard of our next door neighbors. I don't know what it is but its little hat always charms me.  The other flowers don't have little hats, so I don't know why this one is lucky.

This one is across the street from our neighbors' at Terry and George's house. I love the color. I don't think they're thistles but if they are thistles they are kinder gentler thistles than wild ones.

Here's the Stephen West shawl I'm doing with Zauberball Crazy.  It's the Botanic Shawl and I like this one a lot. The last time I was in Eugene I was digging through the stash and found a ball of Crazy in blacks and whites---I want to make something with beads. Red beads. 

I've been doing some Iris Folding Christmas cards. This one is a Santa Head ornament that is missing its eyeballs. They will come (I plan to have a major Heat Embossing session at some point). If you look carefully, you can see that the white part of the card is embossed already.

And while I'm moving away from the type of cards where I just take someone else's pattern and cut it out, I have been using up my sparkly vinyl by using it as card backing. This reindeer has black sparkly vinyl as a background and while it doesn't scream "HO HO HO" it is kind of elegant, I think.

AND I have a new desk! We have a desk nook that has been desk-less for almost two years. While I've always 'worked' when we're out, I've generally worked at the dining room table and Zoomed in my workroom. I found this desk on Amazon and it fits nicely in the desk nook and the light is good (there's a great overhead light in the nook, so my Zooms should be well lit. And I can also get a small lamp if I need to). It's really basic so it won't get messy, but I like how the legs look.

We are watching "Mystery Road" which is an old series on BritBox with Judy Davis is magnificent! 

That's all from here!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

TNT and Gifts from the Sea

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First, TNT! I haven't done a lot on the table runner but I have added a bit of color. This is still enjoyable and goes pretty quickly--I just haven't spent a lot of time on it!
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Second, gifts from the sea!

On Saturday morning, we took a long walk on the beach. We got there pretty early, and went to the 'less crowded' place in town (the place by the rock is always really crowded in the summer; the place we went--Bob Straub State Park--is less so, and is about a mile and a half south of the rock). We walked south, and pretty much saw no one (save for a young man joggging) for the almost-90 minute walk. 

We found lots of intact sand dollars.
Now a little story. We first discovered Pacific City during a vacation where the 'plan' was to drive the length of the Oregon Coast. We had a rough itinerary (we needed to be in Ashland for the Shakespeare Festival on a specific date) and spent the first two nights in Astoria (northern part of Oregon on the Columbia river). We had then planned to find a place to stay in Lincoln City (a bit over 100 miles from Astoria), and had a guidebook that suggested a good restaurant for dinner about 40 miles from Lincoln City. So we're driving down the coast after stopping in a few places, and we find the restaurant--and it's closed. So I open up the guidebook and say to Tim "there's a brewpub on the beach in a town called Pacific City" so we drove there. We were having dinner and we noticed there was a little inn across from the pub. I popped over to see if they took dogs--they did!--and did they have a room for the night--they did!. That was on a Monday. So we stayed overnight and decided to stay another day. And another. And another. At the time, they had a great deal that the first night was $99 and each successive night was $20 less. We stayed four nights and loved every minute.

The last day (I think) we took a walk on the beach one morning and found several dozen sand dollars. Whole sand dollars. It was magical--most times you're lucky if you find one intact sand dollar! We picked them all up and brought them home with us. We still have them with some idea to put them on a frame around a Pacific City poster.

Well, on this past Saturday, we found another bunch.
To me, it feels like a reminder that we made a good decision.

We also found a lot of other things on the beach--

Here's a close up of the whelk  (conch?) shell. 
And here's the agate.
It was a beautiful morning. We took a bay walk Sunday morning that was beautiful too. We are so lucky to be here.

Hope your day is lovely!

Monday, July 27, 2020

Some new cards

I woke up this morning with an idea, and now the idea is manifest!

These are mixed media Christmas cards. I had fun making them and they're not done because they need some bling. Plus they aren't cads yet!

Here is one close up. The sky is two pieces of mulberry paper. The snow is several pieces of white paper that was heat embossed with snowflakes (it is hard to see). The trees are cardstock that was then embossed in the embosser machine. 

And these are some silly sheep cards. These are mixed media too. The sky is inked with distressed ink. The 'hills' are printed cardstock. The lamb was stamped and then I flocked them! They're fuzzy! 

Yes there's knitting! More on that later!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

A Finished Object and a Walk on the Beach

Happy Saturday!

I finished Asbury Park Shawl last night--really enjoyed knitting this one, and the feather-and-fan edging with the beads is lovely.

The bind off was a new one to me---you start off my knitting two and then knitting those two together through the back loop. Then you knit one more and knit those two together through the back loop. And on and on. It makes a bit of a thick bind off and I really like it.

We took the dogs for a walk on the beach this morning--it was a beautiful clear morning and very little wind when we started--it started once we got about 2/3 of the way through the walk. We found about a dozen unbroken sand dollars, Tim found an agate, I found a little conch shell, and we saved some little sea creatures that had washed up on the beach (we threw them back in the water, I'm guessing they probably washed right back up).

Tim found something akin to coral except it is made by worms. I really have no idea what that is. We didn't take it with.

Our lovely rock and Cape Kiwanda. 

Enjoy Saturday!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Hello Thursday!

It's been a bit on the busy side here since I last posted on TNT. 

Tuesday--still in Eugene--I had an annual exam at the eye doctor's. I was pretty hesitant but it all went OK. Not much difference from a regular visit except for temperature checks and masks, no wandering around the glass frame area trying everything on (luckily I don't need glasses), less 'energy' from the employees interacting and working together (I think they did this behind closed doors). I really like my eye doctor--she asked me if I thought her 20-year old daughter should go back to school in Arizona (Northern Arizona, but still) and I gave her my honest opinion (no). Then I packed the dogs and some stuff into the car, and drove back out here. 

In other news:

This is the mindless sweater I'm working on. Still doing the yoke and haven't divided for the sleeves yet. 

We bought a greenhouse window for our kitchen, and it got installed yesterday. Tim has a lot of cacti that are back in Eugene and he's like to have them out on the coast. I'm not a huge fan, and we think having them in the greenhouse window is a great way to fit them in.

Last evening before dinner we went to the overlook a few miles from our house. You can see here our rock from a distance as well as the cape. To get here, you drive south from our house along the bay, drive up a hill, and then walk up about a quarter mile or so. It is a nature preserve that is an old Jesuit retreat center and is very quiet and peaceful.


-We're watching "Safe" on Netflix and it is good.
-I'm reading "Utopia Avenue" by David Mitchell and it is also good.
-WE SAW NEOWISE! Saturday night---it was clear enough and dark enough at 10:30 to see it out our window.

Have a good Thursday!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Today is TNT--and let's start with my new project. It is a Christmas table runner. 

It is printed on grey linen so of course it looks like I've done a lot but I haven't. Here is it sideways so you can see how much I've done. 

Does that help?

It is pretty straightforward but I really like it.

It is also TMT--tiny Mana Tuesday! But she isn't that tiny any more. 

If you don't like alpaca photos, you can just go ahead and leave my blog because the rest of this is all Mana. 

Mana and Mama Tinkerbell. She now weighs about 40 pounds--she's more than doubled her weight, which is appropriate for her age.

She's dark brown except her facial features are black and she has some darker fleece along her back .
A rare selfie. 

It is s hard t take a photo of her pretty face! And yes she has big ears.

A friend of Ann's did this artwork for the boy's barn.

It's paint but it looks like fabric. It is amazing!

It's really hot here, btw. Looking forward to being back in the fog at the coast later today. Pilot had a checkup yesterday (he's great!) and today I go to the eye doctor. I'm a bit apprehensive as this is my first doctor's appointment in the pandemic but I'm guessing it will be OK.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Some Saturday Stuff

It looks like we have a sunny day (and not too breezy yet) here on the coast--although I can see the fog bank creeping in. 

Last night we had an interesting sunset:

It's like sunbeams are raining down.

I've been playing around with making little paper flowers for cards:

These are all about the size of a quarter (maybe a half dollar?) and I'll put a few on a card. I like the idea of making flowers out of flower paper. Each of these has three layers of paper and a little decorative brad to hold it all together. NO GLUE! Although glue would work.

There's no limit to what you can spend money on in the card making world.

I finished "The Paris Girl" (it really dragged at the end) and now I'm reading "Utopia Avenue" by David Mitchell which, so far, is great. 

I am bopping over to Eugene Monday and Tuesday to see Mana, take Pilot to the vet for his annual appointment, and take me to the eye doctor for my annual appointment. This will be my first doctor visit since the pandemic and I'm a bit hesitant but we'll see how it goes. 

Happy weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Greetings from Asbury Park

I've been working on this sampler shawl for the past few evenings and it is growing like a weed! Plus it has beads. I feel like I need beaded things in my life right now. 

I banged out a bunch of work stuff for the fall this week, and have also done some yard work and playing around in the paper studio (which I now call the workroom). I have been playing with water brush pens, which are very fun. More on that later. 

I am reading "The French Girl" which is a good mystery (I guess it is technically a psychological mystery?). We're also watching "A Confession" (or is it "The Confession?) on Britbox which has Martin Freeman in it and I really like him a lot.  Why are British mysteries so much better than American ones? 

Tuesday, July 14, 2020


It's TNT and I have a FO for you!

I think this little fox turned out cute. The fabric is a bit thicker, kind of home-spunny. The colors seem to work great with this though. 

I am now working on a Christmas table-runner which you'll see next week.

I made this little card yesterday. 

Yesterday's sunset was breathtaking.

That's the update from here!

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Going West

This might possibly be my first Stephen West pattern? I think I've always hesitated because of size (his patterns tend to be big) and they are often kind of bright and they look involved. But the Botanic Shawl caught my eye since I love the stripes and the colors. Turns out that the stripes are pretty much due to the amazingness of Zauberball Crazy (here is a link to all its colors). This pattern isn't hard but it does require a teeny tiny bit of attention at the start of each row. 

The color of this one is Sandhur, which is kind of hard to find but if you search around you'll find it--I got mine at Web's. The grey is some grey that was in the stash. I like this a lot, especially the technique on the sides which provides a really nice edge. 

 We went for our first kayak of the season yesterday on the Big Nestucca river (it's not that big). The first paddle is always a bit rough because we're not used to lifting the kayaks onto the car, finding all the stuff we need, wondering if we remember how to do it----and it was all fine. We paddled up river against the tide (it's a tidal river, which is always a bit of a logistics challenge) and then paddled back with the tide so we had the easy part at the end.

It was quite a day for beasts of the air. We paddled by a little sandbar and got upclose and personal with five pelicans. I probably got within 10 or 12 feet of one. I love pelicans. We also saw two herons and two juvenile bald eagles--one was pretty much all 'adulted' color wise but the other still had its juvenile coloring. Plus lots of ducks and seagulls. 

Last night we watched a movie on Amazon called "There are no facts" which was a documentary about forged artwork. It starts with one of the guys in Barenaked Ladies who bought a piece of artwork and someone told him it was a fake, and it leads into this very dark story of an art forgery ring run by a horrible person in Thunder Bay Canada. It is a bit uncomfortable story-wise but really interesting.

I finished 'Saint X' and the end was a bit of a slog, but overall the book was good. I also read Kevin Kwan's 'Sex and Vanity' which started kind of slow but ended up great. 

Now I'm reading 'Girls of Summer' by Nancy Thayer (she writes kind of gentle 'women's fiction' set on Nantucket) and "Members Only" by Sameer Pandya which so far is really good---an Indian man is on the membership committee of his private tennis club, and while interviewing a Black couple makes a racist joke. The repercussions of this echo out throughout his life. It's good. 

I'm not sure what's up today--we'll see! Hope your Sunday is great!

Friday, July 10, 2020

Friday at the Card Factory

I think I'm starting to find my 'voice'.

These first two are washi paper mounted on cardstock and then cut out as waves (along with some plain cardstock as well). The orca is two layers of metallic cardstock.

I wanted to find a way to use all the little bits of leftover cardstock and got in my head to try weaving a card.  This is just a little more fiddly than a potholder, as it is challenging to keep the things lined up and not going wonky. But I like it. 

I have a few more ideas for cards with washi paper--stay tuned!

Thursday, July 09, 2020

It's a Grab Bag of Stuff

How are you this Thursday? I spent much of yesterday working on cards, and now my neck is kind of sore (I stand at a high counter). There was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing during my craftiness yesterday so sitting wasn't really an option. 

I have created so many bits and pieces of card stuff I really need to focus on finishing the cards--so I can create more bits and pieces of stuff. Such is the crafting life. 

New mindless knitting
It's a sweater called Robin. I had the yarn in the stash. This is basically stockinette in the round with a little stripe every 18 rows. Obviously it is still early days.  I like how this one starts with the ribbed collar but I think in the end that way lies madness.  We'll see.


We took a walk on the beach last evening. It was a windy day but we had lots of pelican sitings. You can see their very pelican-like beaks in this photo.

The sunset last night didn't suck.


We bought equipment for pickleball! Our front driveway here is just about the size of a regulation pickleball court. We have the paddles and balls, and the net should be delivered this week. We also found out that our neighbors KC and Tink (not to be confused with Tink the alpaca) also play pickleball so as soon as we get some practice under our belts, we'll have some doubles!

The local gang

There's a group of five males that hang around together and cruise around the neighborhood.  A few days ago they walked up our driveway and spent some time eating our weeds (they are welcome to them) before they crossed over to our neighbor's house. There were a few females hanging out at our neighbor's, and the males harassed them til the females moved from their dining area.

There's some major antler game on this one.

I also cast on for my first Stephen West pattern, and will have photos of that soon.