Sunday, July 05, 2020

Happy Fifth!

We love the Fifth of July! It means that the horrible horrible fireworks are almost over!

I don't hate fireworks--I really don't. We have a great view of all the people setting them off on the beach (which is illegal, as were the fireworks themselves, but whatever). Apparently the Native American casinos are allowed to sell fireworks that are illegal by state law. Who knew? There seems to be quite the pent up desire for fireworks this year.

What I don't like are:
-people who set them off at 2am and/or 5am (both happened here)
-people who set them off across the street from us, about 50 feet lower than us, and set off illegal fireworks that basically explode outside your window. The windows shook. 
-fireworks ash on the driveway

Pilot spent most of the past two nights in the car in the garage (his 'happy' place during fireworks) and Comet stayed with us but needed to be sitting and sleeping as close to us as she could. 

But now they'll be over, expect for random ones for the rest of the week.

Aside from fireworks and taking care of dogs, we had a good day yesterday. I made Crab Bisque from scratch (including the crab stock). Tim made crab pot stickers.  I had a lot of left over crab stock so I sent out an alert to our neighbors to see if anyone wanted any, and dropped some off at one couple's house and we stayed to chat with them for a bit. 

I finished reading "Friends and Strangers" by Courtney Sullivan and it was good (not outstanding). Sometimes I need to work a bit harder than normal to get into her books and they end up delivering. This one just never got to the 'can't put down' point for me unfortunately. I still liked it.

Oh and this.

I need to  duplicate stitch the phases of the moon into the border but this is almost done! I cast on for a simple striped pullover sweater last night while we were watching "Hamilton" on Disney Plus. It was great.

Happy Fifth!


Vera said...

No township or county fireworks this year, but locals seemed to have many, many more than normal to set off. It was almost neighbor competing with neighbor. I ended up with a major headache. And all the animals were so frightened (even the wild ones - bunnies, birds, deer).

Mereknits said...

We had so many in our neighborhood and like you they went on for hours and into the early morning. It is a wonder more people do not blown their fingers off. It was soooooooo loud here. my dogs were so scared, i wonder what the wildlife thinks of all this noise. Stay safe.

Caffeine Girl said...

The fireworks were out of control here, too. I don't think they are very good for the environment, let along neighbors' sanity!
I'm very impressed by your crab feast. You get extra points for making your own crab stock. I bet the bisque was amazing!

fillyjonk said...

'Til 1 am here. But then, we'd had the 2-3 nights prior with firework noise until after 11 pm. Really hoping everyone used up what they had.

I think the Native outlets, because of sovereign status, can choose to sell things that would not be legal elsewhere; I remember 25 years ago my boy-cousins being super excited to find that the family reunion was near a Native-owned casino where you could buy things like M-80s that were illegal in that state.

I greatly prefer professional fireworks. Don't love the noise but at least you get pretty things to look at. Most of the "little" fireworks (not so little) people were setting off here were just loud.

Kym said...

I loved fireworks as a child. And I enjoyed watching them with my own children. But now? I hate them. We don't even go to the lake over the 4th anymore because it's even WORSE there. But it was particularly bad right in our neighborhood this year. JoJo is terrified. Jenny is mostly deaf now, but she can still hear the worst of them. Here in Michigan they are legal but only at very limited times . . . (and now illegal again until Labor Day, but that won't stop people from shooting them off). I am a Fireworks Curmudgeon.

And your shawl is very cool!

Delighted Hands said...

I'm sorry, that did sound like a terrible time with the fireworks.
The shawl looks fantastic, even from this view.

kathy b said...

Love that shawl Love that you sauna IT.
KIM WE HAD similar rounds of unending fireworks around here. In addition to the hotel show that we can see from miles away through our window.

Thankfully the cats don't really react too much. we had a big thunderstorm today and a few very loud rumbles got them all running for safety!