Thursday, July 23, 2020

Hello Thursday!

It's been a bit on the busy side here since I last posted on TNT. 

Tuesday--still in Eugene--I had an annual exam at the eye doctor's. I was pretty hesitant but it all went OK. Not much difference from a regular visit except for temperature checks and masks, no wandering around the glass frame area trying everything on (luckily I don't need glasses), less 'energy' from the employees interacting and working together (I think they did this behind closed doors). I really like my eye doctor--she asked me if I thought her 20-year old daughter should go back to school in Arizona (Northern Arizona, but still) and I gave her my honest opinion (no). Then I packed the dogs and some stuff into the car, and drove back out here. 

In other news:

This is the mindless sweater I'm working on. Still doing the yoke and haven't divided for the sleeves yet. 

We bought a greenhouse window for our kitchen, and it got installed yesterday. Tim has a lot of cacti that are back in Eugene and he's like to have them out on the coast. I'm not a huge fan, and we think having them in the greenhouse window is a great way to fit them in.

Last evening before dinner we went to the overlook a few miles from our house. You can see here our rock from a distance as well as the cape. To get here, you drive south from our house along the bay, drive up a hill, and then walk up about a quarter mile or so. It is a nature preserve that is an old Jesuit retreat center and is very quiet and peaceful.


-We're watching "Safe" on Netflix and it is good.
-I'm reading "Utopia Avenue" by David Mitchell and it is also good.
-WE SAW NEOWISE! Saturday night---it was clear enough and dark enough at 10:30 to see it out our window.

Have a good Thursday!


Delighted Hands said...

I think the greenhouse window sounds like a great addition!!!
Your sweater is a good knit-nice colors.

Vera said...

Like the greenhouse window idea. Glad your eye exam went well. I go in next Thursday - just for a pressure check, so not big deal. Lucky you saw the comet! Our skies have not been clear and I wouldn't even know where to look!

kayT said...

I know you're a Casapinka fan so I hope you are signing up for the Sharon Show MKAL. It's going to be fun. I am trying to convince myself to use stash yarn but some of Miss Babs sets are calling to me. Are you in?

Kim in Oregon said...

I'm looking at the Miss Babs sets now!

kathy b said...

Hooray you two ! you saw Neo! I admire your saying No to the 20 year old going back to a crowded dorm or classroom environment

Mereknits said...

I love the new window and good for you speaking up about that 20 year old, scary times. Stay safe.