Saturday, July 18, 2020

Some Saturday Stuff

It looks like we have a sunny day (and not too breezy yet) here on the coast--although I can see the fog bank creeping in. 

Last night we had an interesting sunset:

It's like sunbeams are raining down.

I've been playing around with making little paper flowers for cards:

These are all about the size of a quarter (maybe a half dollar?) and I'll put a few on a card. I like the idea of making flowers out of flower paper. Each of these has three layers of paper and a little decorative brad to hold it all together. NO GLUE! Although glue would work.

There's no limit to what you can spend money on in the card making world.

I finished "The Paris Girl" (it really dragged at the end) and now I'm reading "Utopia Avenue" by David Mitchell which, so far, is great. 

I am bopping over to Eugene Monday and Tuesday to see Mana, take Pilot to the vet for his annual appointment, and take me to the eye doctor for my annual appointment. This will be my first doctor visit since the pandemic and I'm a bit hesitant but we'll see how it goes. 

Happy weekend!


KSD said...

Every Sunday School classroom I was ever in had a poster with this type of sun through the clouds picture. Therefore, I always think "God" when I see it.

Delighted Hands said...

Have a good weekend--I like you paper flowers!

Caffeine Girl said...

Love the idea of making flowers out of flowers. Very meta!
I've been to the doctor and the dentist. I think they are all trying very hard to make things safe.

Vera said...

Love your sunset picture and your flowers. Very pretty! Good luck with the various appointments. I've been to one dr appointment and was very pleased with how it went (and no one except me in the waiting room!!).

kathy b said...

Kim, I was upset SUnday night because we had labs to be drawn Monday. I just wasnt sure it was worth the risk to go. We have been ultra quaranteening. Well, it is a good thing we went. My labs are all kooky and my thyroid has slacked off. Now wonder Im so tired! I know I will feel better when the levels come to norm in a few weeks. I hope your office was as careful as ours was. Temp checked as we entered. Masks, gloves, etc etc. I still brought a shirt and put it over the one I had on in the office on the ride home.

I Love your scissor work! Beautiful.