Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Today is TNT--and let's start with my new project. It is a Christmas table runner. 

It is printed on grey linen so of course it looks like I've done a lot but I haven't. Here is it sideways so you can see how much I've done. 

Does that help?

It is pretty straightforward but I really like it.

It is also TMT--tiny Mana Tuesday! But she isn't that tiny any more. 

If you don't like alpaca photos, you can just go ahead and leave my blog because the rest of this is all Mana. 

Mana and Mama Tinkerbell. She now weighs about 40 pounds--she's more than doubled her weight, which is appropriate for her age.

She's dark brown except her facial features are black and she has some darker fleece along her back .
A rare selfie. 

It is s hard t take a photo of her pretty face! And yes she has big ears.

A friend of Ann's did this artwork for the boy's barn.

It's paint but it looks like fabric. It is amazing!

It's really hot here, btw. Looking forward to being back in the fog at the coast later today. Pilot had a checkup yesterday (he's great!) and today I go to the eye doctor. I'm a bit apprehensive as this is my first doctor's appointment in the pandemic but I'm guessing it will be OK.


KSD said...

Mana's face might be hard to photograph, but her eyelashes sure show up!

Hope your appointment went well.

Delighted Hands said...

The new embroidery is so pretty! Nice work! Mana is adorable and growing just fine! The barn painting is such an excellent rendering!
I'm so glad you shared all of these! Hope the eye appt goes well!

Vera said...

Big ears AND HUGE Eyelashes!! So pretty. Love your newest stitching - very pretty.

It is stinking HOT here. Enough to make you want to pass out...or just pass out anyway whether you want to or not...

Caffeine Girl said...

Oh, come on. Everyone loves alpaca photos!

kathy b said...

I love your alpaca photos and selfies! 40 pounds already? Sounds like a healthy cria to me

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Mana is so adorable and growing like a weed. Love those ears!
Your table runner will be beautiful!
Hope it's cooler on the coast. We've had a week of 100+ degrees and it only cools down to the mid 80's at night. It's been awful! Supposed to break tonight though. Fingers crossed!