Monday, August 10, 2020

A Lovely Walk--and the Sharon Show

 It was a good weekend here--it was pretty windy but beautiful blue skies and almost no fog.  Yesterday morning, we went to a state park a few miles away--it is called Sitka Sedge. Generally, the beach here is closed to dogs because it is a snowy plover nesting ground. That's OK, because there are a few miles of trails we can take the dogs on with great views--it feels almost primeval.

Did you learn this poem in school? It's the start of Evangeline by Longfellow.

THIS is the FORest primEVal the MURmuring PINES and the HEMlocks.

The capitalizations are for emphasis. 

Anyway--here are some forest pictures:

When we walked a mile and a half or so and got to the beach, we were happy to find out that while a big part of the beach--the northern part--was closed, the southern part was open and we could take the dogs there! So we went for a great walk on the beach. 

Then we took the 'short' path back--only about a 10-15 minute walk.

Comet loves the sand.


It was empty when we got there around 9:30 or so but was getting busy when we left at around 11:30.  We were glad to see that just about everyone on the trail had masks that they pulled up when we passed, and we were happy we remembered to tote bandanas with us. I know bandanas aren't that great but we felt OK since we were only outside and could keep a good distance from most people. 

I also got some work done on the Sharon Show shawl, although I'm not even halfway through the clues. Oh well!

We finished up with a social distancing happy hour at KC and Tink's down the street. 

I'm reading the book "Lake Life" which is about a dysfunctional family closing down the vacation home that they're selling. It is well written with good characters but I'm not sure I can finish it--it is very depressing. 

I finished "Imperfect Women" which is a mystery/psychological thriller that was pretty good. It is about three women, one of whom is murdered--but who did it? They all, of course, have lots of secrets that get shared throughout the book. 

I hope your weekend was good too!


KSD said...

Well, no beaches for me to traipse on (through? Around?), but I slogged through the weekend nonetheless.

kathy b said...

i dont pursue and books that bother me. Lifes too bothersome right now!!!! Love how dogs love sand. BUt man it gets all over!! Huck loved to roll in it. Im waiting on storms an knitting time today! We need more rain so they are welcome stomrs.

Vera said...

A forest walk and then being on the beach just sounds wonderful! The shawl looks fun.

kayT said...

Well, I'm further along with The Sharon Show but yours is much neater than mine. My mosaic is not nearly as good as yours, and I'm not sure why; I did a sweater with mosaic in DK yarn and I think I do better with a heavier yarn. Why, I don't know. Anyhow, my colors are very cheery (pink, blue, bright hot pink and speckled off-white). I'm eager to see what that purple you have coming is going to do to your shawl.

Delighted Hands said...

What great hike shots! It looks like a lovely romp!
(I found a website while cruising YouTube and found an artist who must live near you--she does lots of pics of Haystack rock, too! it is Lynn Bauer)