Thursday, August 13, 2020

Clue One and a Really Big Boat

 The Sharon Show clues come out weekly on Fridays, and I finished Clue One last night. I kind of 'cheated'--I did the 'short version' which is 16 rows shorter than the 'long version' so far. I think the short version is the only way I'll keep up!

The pattern is fun----it is designed by Casapinka's cat, Sharon, who has opinions and is not afraid to share them in her knitting pattern! I also like the colors I've chosen--they are a bit different for me (OK the yellow part) which is good.

For much of the day yesterday, we saw a big big big ship on the horizon. Tim thought it might be an aircraft carrier, then we read that some Navy planes visited the aviation museum north of us in Tillamook. So maybe he is right? This was taken after sunset and you can see the little light way way out on the horizon. It is probably about 8 miles from shore! The rock is about a mile from shore.

You can also see car headlights!


KSD said...

Fascinating knowing that's a ship out there. Like looking up into the sky at night and realizing you are seeing other planets.

Caffeine Girl said...

So far your Sharon project is really striking. It will be fun to watch it grow.

Vera said...

Pretty Sharon PRoject! We have seen those BIG ships when we drive down to Norfolk and cross the Bay Bridge Tunnel. The are HUGE!!

Delighted Hands said...

I love your choices for this shawl/scarf! Coming along fine.
I don't think I would ever grow bored with that view!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Your shawl is going to be lovely! I grew up on the York river, between the bay and the naval base. I used to love it when the big ships would travel up and down the river. Occasionally a foreign ship would anchor in the middle of the river for a few days. I always found them fascinating.