Monday, August 31, 2020

Feeling like Fall

 The last few days have felt VERY fallish here on the coast---it is very cool in the morning, leaves are starting to fall off the trees, it gets dark around 8:15-ish (compared to almost 10pm in July) and the sun is setting way way south of the rock. 

I can hardly get a sunset picture with both the sunset AND the rock. On the 4th of July, the sun set North of the rock. 

We don't go back to school til the end of September, but the K-12s in the area are slowly starting up. Many don't go back 'full time' til 9/14, but some schools are having 'soft opens' where teachers and parents and kids get used to the learning systems. We were kind of lucky at the UO that we had a whole 10=week term to teach online so I think we've all figured out a lot of things we need to do during fall, and we will hopefully avoid some of the stressors other faculty across the country seem to be facing. 

The weekend was a mix of activity (nothing too stressful) and reading/knitting/art/etc. I've made it through 2/3 of the next clue of the Sharon Show, even though something weird happened with the yarn that threatened to derail the whole thing but apparently I did a good fix on it (the whole story later).

The most recent stitch pattern is really pretty.

I also made a focaccia bread from scratch. I used this recipe from Bon Appetit which was incredibly simple and really, really worked. I also made a pot of chili yesterday (see, FALL!) and the bread went well with that, plus it was thick enough for sandwiches. It takes a lot of time--mostly for rising--but you can pretend you are on The Great British Baking Show and that makes it all fun.

The rib is feeling good but I realized I'm very tense throughout all my muscles trying to hold my body in a way that doesn't hurt. The general solution to this--yoga--isn't possible right now, so I did pop in the sauna for a few minutes last night and that helped.

I finished "The Herd" (it ended with whiplash twists, which can be annoying) and "The Secret Commonwealth" (the second book in The Book of Dust, which kind of dragged on at the end, just like the first book). Now I'm reading "The Comeback" which is the story of an actress who had a "#MeToo" relationship with a director and I like it a lot, and makes me wonder how many other actresses went through that.

We watched "Richard Jewell" on Saturday and man 1996 seems a long long time ago.

Here we go--a week before a long weekend. Have a good Monday!


Tired Teacher 2 said...

Your Fall-like temperatures have made it over the Rockies: it was in the 30s this morning. Quite cool but also welcome after three weeks of HOT temperatures. Love the progressing shawl and the beautiful stitches and texture.

kathy b said...

Your focaccia bread looks so so good Kim! The darkness falls fast here too. By 8pm its dark and we have candles or lights on the porch. I was quite crabby about people talking about Fall here, but it is coming! I usually love the fall. We can still cycle and paddle just a while. Fireman is getting me a wetsuit top so I can paddle with him when the lake temps fall. Off to my knitting. I'll explains the top down hat tomorrow I promise

Vera said...

Your shawl and the bread look wonderful! The various stitches used in the shawl are really pretty and interesting. Fall-like temps here too, though we are still in the throws of humidity.

KSD said...

The stitch on the latest shawl part is quite lovely. You're moving right along, aren't you? (Cue Kermit and Fozzie's song.)

Delighted Hands said...

That new stitch pattern is very fun! I love the way that our 'markers' help us see the difference of the seasons! That bread looks delicious!!! I will give it a try!