Friday, August 07, 2020

I might need an intervention--or maybe just some audio books


I just wound up the yarn for Casapinka's new MKAL--the The Sharon Show. I wasn't planning on doing this but someone left a comment about it on my blog and I thought "oh why not. So what if I tend to hate MKAL? So what if I have a gazillion projects going on right now? So what if nothing ever gets done?" So I joined and got this gorgeous yarn from Miss Babs. It's the Yet Quartet which is heavy lace yarn, and it is a mix of merino and silk. It is gorgeous and I'm glad I got it!

It arrived yesterday and the first clue came out today so I am ON TOP OF IT. Haha. I'm actually going to cast on this afternoon.

BUT--I have this, and I have the Stephen West one, and I have a mosaic shawl that I haven't even shown you yet, and I have the sweater. I have a pair of socks in limbo, and I just got some adorable watermelon yarn that I want to cast on. I have the Christmas embroidery and I started the August Cozy Blue pattern yesterday because it is so fricking cute (you'll see that on TNT). Too much stuff!

But I do have some audio books, so I can do more complex knitting while listening to them. I really, really enjoy listening to audiobooks on the drive between the two houses--it makes the time go really, really fast for me. 

And in other news: 

Tim popped over to Eugene to take the cat in for a check (given her new thyroid meds) and to bring back his cacti. He has quite the collection, most of these he has grown from seeds. One of us was going back every few weeks to water them (I usually have other things to do) so bringing these out is just another way of saying we are here for the long term.

I'm kind of hoping I get a buy-out (I've already put in for retirement in June of 2022) and the administration is talking about doing that. I'm teaching remotely in Fall term, and I would imagine in Winter term too. Maybe we'll be back in person for Spring term, meaning March 2021? Honestly, I'd love to be able to stop in June of 2021with a half-decent buy out. We'll see.

In other news: I fell into the "Alone" vortex and took Tim with me. It's good.

Not sure what is up for us this weekend--I need to do some yard work for sure--but it is supposed to be beautiful. Looking forward to that! 

On to cast on!


kathy b said...

Kim you alway s have an upbeat outlook even when things are complicated. I love that. I love your yarn and didn't know that Lace came in a heavy weight! I also don't know how you plant cactus from seed??? My prickly pear is begin dug up by some thing that doesnt mind spikes.....and they are being tossed in the grass. Hmmmmmm. IM thinking a badger, but we don't really get them this far south.

Retirement : it is all good. I promise you.

I need to listen too while I knit on the porch at night ; thats if baseball is not on. I listened to Michelle Obama's thoughts on feeling down right now. Bless her heart.

kayT said...

Glad you got into The Sharon Show! Your yarn is lovely. I think this will be a fun knit. And I totally agree with kaythy b that retirement is all good!

Delighted Hands said...

It's so much fun to be on a high with yarn-y goodness! Good for you! I think the yarns are gorgeous!

KSD said...

I once asked my parents if I could paint my room purple and pink. Your yarn selection shows why. (The request went exactly nowhere.)

Kim in Oregon said...

Thanks KayT--you were the one who drew the MKAL to my attention in the first place!

Mereknits said...

The colors for that shawl are gorgeous. Hope your teaching remotely goes well. stay safe.