Friday, August 28, 2020

It's Friday (isn't it?)

 I'm not doing great at keeping track of the days, but I'm pretty sure it is Friday. Happy weekend! This is the second to last weekend of summer and I'm sure it will be crazy here, but that's OK--we do fine with managing the crowds. My ribs feel much better but I'm not sure if I'll try kayaking this weekend--we'll see. 

I did a bit more of the Botanical Shawl yesterday:

I haven't even used one ball of Crazy so this will be a big shawl. I'm also at the stage where it takes a bit of time to do each of the rows because of the number of stitches on the needle. But I still am really enjoying this one and am looking forward to wrapping myself in its loveliness when it is done.

I'm reading "The Herd" which is interesting--what happened to a woman who started a women's coworking space? It popped up as a 'must read' book on a lot of lists of media focused on younger women (like Bustle) but so far I like it.

We took a nice if windy walk with the dogs yesterday after dinner. That was nice if windy. 

Have a good day!


Mereknits said...

Hope you heal up quickly. Beautiful shawl. Stay safe.

Delighted Hands said...

Take a short trip for the first kayaking again! The shawl looks great!