Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Santas and a Sunset

 Yesterday I played around with doing some Christmas ornaments/gift tags.  These are all a few layers of vinyl on top of a flat disk ornament blank. I still have to de-bubble and trim these but I think they're pretty cute!  The hat is holographic vinyl. 

I want to find some flocked or patterned white vinyl--or see if I can make my own (I wonder if you can heat emboss on vinyl? Off to google). So there will be more of these coming up. And I just noticed one is missing a nose. Oops!

Fall is definitely coming. This was the sunset last night--around the start of July, the sun was setting to the right of the rock so it has really moved south. It was sinking here behind a cloud bank which also makes it get dark earlier. It is dark around 9pm now--in July, it didn't get dark til 10.  I'm certainly not ready for the summer to be over!

I forgot to tell you all the Blackberry Guy story. As I may have mentioned, before we built the house our property was covered with blackberries. And we're on a hill, so the slab was poured about halfway up the hill. That means that our 'front yard' is basically a hill that is primary blackberries.  At the top of our little front yard hill is the driveway. 

Well, August is blackberry season--every day brings more ripe fruit to the plants. Our 'front yard' starts at the street and then goes up maybe 12 feet or so (maybe 15) to our driveway--up hill. We're on a curve so we have quite a lot of bushes. Anyway--there are a lot of blackberries you can pick from the street. If people come by and pick them, we're OK with that. There's plenty. Plus, we have a lot of plants by the driveway and around the side of the property (usually we hate them, but for a few weeks in August we like them) that aren't 'public'. 

So Monday morning I get out of the shower and look outside, and I see a guy crawling around in our front yard picking blackberries! He's not at the street--he was on one of the deer paths hiking up our front yard ! And he wasn't a neighbor and he was SERIOUS--he had on gloves and some type of plastic jacket and pants that repel the stickers on blackberries. And a giant blackberry bucket attached to his belt.

Tim went outside and asked him 'may I help you?' Blackberry Guy said "oh, I thought this was an empty lot."  Tim explained it was not. Blackberry Guy went back to the street and to a neighbor's bush. 


Finally--good news on Jessie Cat. The low dose of thyroid medication is working great! Her thyroid has come down to appropriate levels, and her kidney levels are OK. We can keep her on the low dose indefinitely and hopefully she'll start to put on some weight soon!


Tired Teacher 2 said...

Hmm, an empty lot with a driveway and a house. . .Oh yeah, I’ll buy that! The santas are adorable!

Delighted Hands said...

Maybe you can make a polite sign to let people like blackberry guy know what common sense should've told them! lol

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Glad to hear Jessie is doing well. Wow! The nerve of some people! How did he not notice your house?? Love the Santas! They are adorable!