Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Tiny Needle Tuesday

 I've done a bit more on the Christmas table runner--I am totally into thinking about Christmas right now!

I finished "The Last Flight" and it had kind of a 'wrap it up in a bow' ending but it was still an interesting thriller to read.

Another beautiful sunrise today.

I worked on my Artist Trading Cards for October yesterday.  The theme is, basically October, so I did pumpkins and a moon. The pumpkins are all embossed. I did a little envelope to hold the cards this time too.

Have a happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 28, 2020

Monday Catch up

 I haven't posted for a few days--have I been busy? Kind of? Have I been not sleeping? Kind of? Anyway, here is a quick recap of my life.

-another potholder is done, which was meant to evoke ocean images but instead Tim looked at it and said it was a 'Go Ducks' potholder

-the days are soooo much shorter, but we do get some pretty sunrises.

-our friend/architect Roger came out Friday and this was the first time he saw the house. He loved it, of course. And last evening we had social distancing happy hour with the neighbors. It was a lovely evening to catch up before people start taking off.

-I've read two police procedurals by Susie Steiner with her detective Manon Bradshaw and really like them. Now I"m reading "The Last Flight" and it is really good too. 

-It was very hazy on Saturday, although we did have about three minutes of rainbow. 

We found some interesting stuff that appeared on the beach.

-We did a lovely kayak yesterday--we were out almost two hours, which included a break for Tim to try to catch some crabs (did not happen unfortunately).

-The Robyn sweater is growing--I maybe need three more hunks of stripes.

-Classes finally start tomorrow!

Friday, September 25, 2020

Just a little something

 The Stephen West shawl (why can't I remember its name? Botanical?) is progressing. 

But honestly, this one is going to take forever. I currently have 13 'ribs' done. There are a ton of stitches on the needle. It takes 18 ribs. There are 12 stitches per rib. There's one stitch increase per two rows.  So let's do some math! 5 x 12 x 2 = about 120 more rows (probably a few less). Yikes. I can do maybe two rows in an hour at this length. I can't even do the math on when I will finish!!!!

It is a stormy stormy day here, although it is supposed to go to showers this afternoon. Which is good, as our friend and architect Roger and his gf are coming to see the house--Roger designed it and has never seen it so we are very excited to show it to him.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Catching my breath

 Monday and Tuesday had two kind of 'intense' Zoom meetings for me---on Monday I hosted our new MABR students and their orientation, and then yesterday was our silly retreat where I had to host two one-hour break out sessions. Yesterday was a waste of time, as long retreats usually are. Today I have a 90 minute meeting where I can weave in ends, and then no Zoom tomorrow and then a zoom on Friday for an hour where again I don't have to do anything. So my tough 'Zero Week' is on the downhill.

I've picked up the Robin pullover:

This is nice mindless knitting for when I'm tired and/or stressed (sort of like embroidery is for me). And it would be good to finish this before I take on Bees Knees (which let's be honest, probably won't happen, but maybe it will).

Yesterday, inspired by one of the blogs I read (and I'm sorry I don't remember who), I made a potholder.

It took me three tries. After two disaster bind offs (where I had to unweave the loops and weave them up again) I looked at an online video and learned the secret to binding off! The secret: once you finish a 'side', stretch a bind off loop back over the frame. This holds the rest of the potholder in. GENIUS!

I know I made these in summer camp as a kid and can't remember the challenge of binding off but maybe one of the summer camp counsellors knew the trick? Who knows. But these are fun and fast. 

It is pouring rain today (YAY!) and I have a bit of work to catch up on. I'm not starting any new research projects which is weird, but nice to not have to worry about that. I have one last piece that I'm working on with colleagues in China and Australia--how millenials view donations to cancer charities.  It was meant to be a study that included people from 10 different countries but it got derailed with Covid. 

Other than that, I'm going to be sure I curl up with a book for a bit today!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

First day of Fall TNT!

 I finished the hoop! I ended up taking out all the moss green and replacing it with white. The moss green kind of dominated things.

Not much else to report after a day of meetings yesterday and our retreat for 5 1/2 hours today (yikes).

Monday, September 21, 2020

Sharon Show Wrapped

 So I may have shortened one section so I could finish this off this weekend.

I gave it a bath and stretched it out in the sauna and it is having a lovely spa day. I'm very glad this is done--it was fun but as I mentioned in my last post there are a lot of other things I want to do.

In other news!

-we got a good kayak in this weekend! Yay!

-I read "Missing, Presumed" and if you like police procedurals I think you'll like this.

-We watched "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix and it was very thought-provoking and sort of cheesy.

I think that's it from here! This is the week before school starts so I have a bunch of Zooms. Have a great day!

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Wrapping up the Sharon Show

 The sixth clue for the Sharon Show came out yesterday so I've been doing that. I'm in the middle of a huge ribbing section (huge=36 rows) and after that I only have 24 more rows til I bind off. So all in all, I have maybe 44 or so rows to go. I am ready for this to be done. I've had fun and all but I have a few more projects I really want to start and given that I have a sweater and two other scarves on the needles, I can't let myself cast on until this one is finished. 

What are the plans?

-Bee's Knees--I have a bright yellow yarn to make this with even though I never ever wear yellow. 

-The Rio Calina Cowl which was Cat Bordhi's last gift to the world (she passed today)

-Various stuffed gnomes

-The Dissent Cowl in honor of RBG, who passed yesterday (two bad days)

-The Curve bag even though I don't need a bag. 

-Gansey Herring.

There's several little things and then a big thing (sweater). I am wanting to do little things--instant gratification I guess.

I'm officially "back" at work for my final year (shhhh--haven't mentioned to anyone at the University that I'm going to retire at the end of this year---I *have* to retire by June 2022 but I can leave anytime I wish). 

Everyone--I mean everyone--here is celebrating clean air.

Friday, September 18, 2020

And I'm back!

 The dogs and I arrived back at the coast yesterday around 5. The air is beautifully clear and even though showers are supposed to happen on and off for the next day or so, right now we have some blue sky peeping through. It's been almost two weeks! Hopefully the bad part is over, however, some of the rain moving in has lightning which is bad but hopefully everything will stay safe.

Yesterday (Thursday) was alpacas and vet. Comet had her annual appointment and broke off a part of tooth. Luckily, the tooth is still working ok and she doesn't need it extracted (which of course could change). But we're happy about that.

Do you need a few more alpaca photos? These have not been photoshopped--the light was diffused yesterday morning and it gave me some good pictures.

Not this one though: Tink and Mana.

Here she is! Her fleece got a bit lightened this summer. 
You can see her 'roots'. She's growing a lot!
Mama and daughter.

Profile with schmutz.

I haven't been knitting much but I am going to take some time this afternoon to relax and work on the Sharon Show. Next week is the week before school starts and I have zoom meetings most days ranging from 90 minutes to five hours. I bought a pair of wireless headphones (cheap ones, not apple ones) to get me through.

I did get some new dies for cards, and really like how these look--three layers of cardstock. 

If the rain lets up we'll FINALLY go kayaking this weekend!!

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Quick trip to Eugene

 I drove back early yesterday and man, the smoke is bad here. It's just yellow. It seemed to clear up a bit last night but it is back to unhealthy today. I took a long walk with the dogs this morning to 'catch up' on the neighborhood--several new builds happening, which is disconcerting to see them pop up (but fine! Glad that workers are getting jobs). 

The fires seem to be under control, rain is in the forecast, and people feel more optimistic regarding fires (Covid is another matter of course).

I had a dentist appointment (my first one during the pandemic) yesterday and then Comet has a vet appointment this afternoon, and then we'll head back. Comet broke a tooth so I'm guessing it will need to be extracted, so one of us will be back in a week or so.

So what else am I doing? Well, had a good visit at the farm yesterday afternoon and will go back this morning. 

This first photo is lightened up a bit so you can see her pretty face.

Here she is with her mama Tink.

Yes she has schmutz all over her.

Calypso wasn't interested in anyone.

I've been playing around with some 'origami' kind of cards---an 8 1/2 x 11 card gets folded and then smaller cards with sentiments/notes/pictures gets inserted into the fold. Hard to explain but they are fun and fast!


I'll be back with knitting content tomorrow or Friday. Stay safe and well.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


 Before we get to TNT--here is a photo from Monday night.

It is RAINING! The air feels FRESH! I can see sky and ocean! I can see the rock, which I haven't seen for a week! Late this afternoon the fog lifted and the smoke blew out and we saw very light blue sky. I think we've turned a corner.

Over the past stressful week, I haven't been able to concentrate on knitting but I have been able to do embroidery. I am halfway done with the Christmas table runner!

And I'm enjoying the September Cozy Blue pattern--the colors look kind of autumn-ish and kind of Southwestern, both of which I like.

Happy TNT!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Let's hope this week is better

 I've been pretty anxious this whole week--haven't been really able to concentrate very well, but I hope that all changes. Rain is in the forecast and hopefully the air will clear out. The Air Quality is awful. Here is how it looked today.

I have made a bit of progress on this drop stitch scarf--the scarf has not had its stitches dropped as of yet. It's Zauberball Crazy.

I've been adding a few beads on the side to brighten it up.

I read "One by One" by one of my favorite mystery writers, Ruth Ware, this week. Luckily the chapters are really really short or else I'd never get through it. Now I'm reading the new Sue Miller book Monogamy. It's pretty good but depressing. 

We've been watching "Hollywood" on Netflix and are enjoying it. 

Our friends KC and Tink leave this week to their winter place in San Diego. We had a little Stevie time tonight.

Our neighbor Dawn heads to Hawaii for a month, and then our neighbor George will go to his winter place in Palm Springs. It's hard to see everyone leave. We've really enjoyed our pandemic happy hours.

What else, what else? I wish I had something else to tell you. 

Stay safe.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Things are marginally better here

 Thanks for your good thoughts. The state continues to be a disaster, as a huge fire is moving north toward Portland. about 10% of the state's population has had to evacuate. The challenge is with so many fires, there isn't a lot of places where people can go. In our little town, several motels have opened up rooms for evacuees. There are people who live 15 miles from here who have lost everything. 

It is horrible.

In our own little bubble, things are OK. The fire south of us that caused the evacuation of Lincoln City has been contained; the major North/South highway (101) is open again, and the news said that people who have been evacuated from LC might be able to return sometime today. We had quite a bit of fog and very very cool temperatures yesterday so that was helpful. 

The fire east of our house in Eugene is still bad. It seems to be moving North and South and no new evacuation warnings have been issued. So that's positive. The wind is shifting to come from the west which should be helpful, and many more firefighters are headed toward that fire.

The air quality is horrible both places. In Eugene it is at 300.  It's down to 165 in Pacific City. Here is our view.

We went to the beach the other evening.

In good news, though, our internet and cable came back on yesterday, and that made me a bit less anxious. 

I haven't been able to concentrate on a lot, but here are a few photos for you.

First, the finishing of the fifth clue of the Sharon Show! Last one today! (ETA: nope, no clue 6 til next week).

Second, the Botanical shawl grows a bit.

That's it from our smoky home. Thanks again for the continued good thoughts.  Stay safe and hug your loved ones.