Friday, September 04, 2020

And the day goes a little sideways

 Yesterday I didn't have any big plans, but I had some ideas of things I wanted to play around with art wise. Well, those didn't quite work out. On our morning walk with the dogs, Comet got spooked by another dog. This happens occasionally (shelter dog issues) and generally she tries to rile up Pilot to go get the other dog (needless to say, this doesn't work). Yesterday, though, my leg got inbetween Pilot and Comet and I got a pretty major nip from her. We decided to head to Urgent Care in Tillamook (half an hour away) and we were there for a little under two hours--I got six stitches and a tetanus shot. Then yesterday at the end of the day we drove half an hour the OTHER way to pick up antibiotics. It feels fine--the tetanus shot hurts more than the leg right now, which just feels kind of scraped up. NO KAYAKING for a week, though, which I'm not happy about because the rib was just feeling better. Oh well.

But some good things:

-a Great Horned Owl sat on top of one of our trees and hooted for about half an hour last night

-Botanical is coming along.

-PUPPY! Stevie came home! He belongs to our friends KC and Tink (not Tink the alpaca)

-Stevie's big sister Shania is a good big sister.

-Random drawings.


Vera said...

OUCH! Sorry about that nip. Glad you went to the urgent care though. I'm still in love with that shawl and I think I will order the same colors. It just works so well together. Of course, I need to order the pattern too. Your drawings are great!

kayT said...

I also love that shawl.
Glad you are healing (again).
What a Cute Puppy!!

KSD said...

Stevie couldn't be any cuter!

When Finn attacked me, I had to get a tetanus shot, too. I'm with you on the relative pain.

Delighted Hands said...

I'm glad you balanced the dog bite part with beautiful things going on in your life, too! Sorry for the pain and inconvenience of recovery! The drawings look great--what fun!

kathy b said...

oh dear. That's happens. I am glad you know the teeth were not intended for you. Did you see the horse spook in the winners circle after the derby yesterday? It was bothered by the roses wreath having streamers on it. So it took down a few people. He was hard to control.
Deb wrote about a kitty puddle that ruined her art.

Pets just make messes. Not all the time. But they do have accidents, they do spook and they do remain, animals. So, keep that wound clean. I am surprised the stitched it.

Rest up.