Friday, September 18, 2020

And I'm back!

 The dogs and I arrived back at the coast yesterday around 5. The air is beautifully clear and even though showers are supposed to happen on and off for the next day or so, right now we have some blue sky peeping through. It's been almost two weeks! Hopefully the bad part is over, however, some of the rain moving in has lightning which is bad but hopefully everything will stay safe.

Yesterday (Thursday) was alpacas and vet. Comet had her annual appointment and broke off a part of tooth. Luckily, the tooth is still working ok and she doesn't need it extracted (which of course could change). But we're happy about that.

Do you need a few more alpaca photos? These have not been photoshopped--the light was diffused yesterday morning and it gave me some good pictures.

Not this one though: Tink and Mana.

Here she is! Her fleece got a bit lightened this summer. 
You can see her 'roots'. She's growing a lot!
Mama and daughter.

Profile with schmutz.

I haven't been knitting much but I am going to take some time this afternoon to relax and work on the Sharon Show. Next week is the week before school starts and I have zoom meetings most days ranging from 90 minutes to five hours. I bought a pair of wireless headphones (cheap ones, not apple ones) to get me through.

I did get some new dies for cards, and really like how these look--three layers of cardstock. 

If the rain lets up we'll FINALLY go kayaking this weekend!!


Caffeine Girl said...

Those cards are just beautiful. Did you use Cricut or similar tool?
I hope your air stays breathable out there in the West.

Delighted Hands said...

The cards really are amazing--I like the layers--it looks like a quilt!