Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Catching my breath

 Monday and Tuesday had two kind of 'intense' Zoom meetings for me---on Monday I hosted our new MABR students and their orientation, and then yesterday was our silly retreat where I had to host two one-hour break out sessions. Yesterday was a waste of time, as long retreats usually are. Today I have a 90 minute meeting where I can weave in ends, and then no Zoom tomorrow and then a zoom on Friday for an hour where again I don't have to do anything. So my tough 'Zero Week' is on the downhill.

I've picked up the Robin pullover:

This is nice mindless knitting for when I'm tired and/or stressed (sort of like embroidery is for me). And it would be good to finish this before I take on Bees Knees (which let's be honest, probably won't happen, but maybe it will).

Yesterday, inspired by one of the blogs I read (and I'm sorry I don't remember who), I made a potholder.

It took me three tries. After two disaster bind offs (where I had to unweave the loops and weave them up again) I looked at an online video and learned the secret to binding off! The secret: once you finish a 'side', stretch a bind off loop back over the frame. This holds the rest of the potholder in. GENIUS!

I know I made these in summer camp as a kid and can't remember the challenge of binding off but maybe one of the summer camp counsellors knew the trick? Who knows. But these are fun and fast. 

It is pouring rain today (YAY!) and I have a bit of work to catch up on. I'm not starting any new research projects which is weird, but nice to not have to worry about that. I have one last piece that I'm working on with colleagues in China and Australia--how millenials view donations to cancer charities.  It was meant to be a study that included people from 10 different countries but it got derailed with Covid. 

Other than that, I'm going to be sure I curl up with a book for a bit today!


Vera said...

Pretty knitting. I'm thankful to have not had ANY Zoom meetings this year! Yeah, I do WebEx meetings (but camera turned off).

Delighted Hands said...

Good job on rediscovering the pot holder skills! lol Nice to see the sweater is back out for knitting! (very grateful you have rain due!)

Kym said...

I loved making potholders when I was young (and when my kids were young) -- and I always remember hating to bind them off. So thanks for that trick -- because inspired by that same blogger (it was Carole), I've dug out my potholder frame again myself! XO

KSD said...

Book-up-curling-with going on here, too.

I went through a pot holder phase a while ago. Hello, Girl Scouts memories.