Sunday, September 13, 2020

Let's hope this week is better

 I've been pretty anxious this whole week--haven't been really able to concentrate very well, but I hope that all changes. Rain is in the forecast and hopefully the air will clear out. The Air Quality is awful. Here is how it looked today.

I have made a bit of progress on this drop stitch scarf--the scarf has not had its stitches dropped as of yet. It's Zauberball Crazy.

I've been adding a few beads on the side to brighten it up.

I read "One by One" by one of my favorite mystery writers, Ruth Ware, this week. Luckily the chapters are really really short or else I'd never get through it. Now I'm reading the new Sue Miller book Monogamy. It's pretty good but depressing. 

We've been watching "Hollywood" on Netflix and are enjoying it. 

Our friends KC and Tink leave this week to their winter place in San Diego. We had a little Stevie time tonight.

Our neighbor Dawn heads to Hawaii for a month, and then our neighbor George will go to his winter place in Palm Springs. It's hard to see everyone leave. We've really enjoyed our pandemic happy hours.

What else, what else? I wish I had something else to tell you. 

Stay safe.


Vera said...

Gosh that air quality! (or lack thereof) Hope things improve quickly. You must be staying locked up inside...first the pandemic and now this. Take Care!

Kym said...

I've been thinking of you! XO
Doing my raindance.
And, my . . . that pup is adorable.

Delighted Hands said...

We've been watching the news--I sure hope this week is better for you! Puppy snuggles help; sorry your neighborhood shrinks for the winter!

Tired Teacher 2 said...

This morning’s weather podcast mentioned the Pacific Northwest might get rain this week. I hope it happens! Puppy snuggles, kisses, and feet are so darned cute.

kathy b said...

Continue on with Zoom with them. It is not the same, but it is fun. You do feel a bit connected. Stevie is too too cute.