Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Not behind yet--and lots of pretty pictures

I have a lot to show you today!

1. I'm caught up with clue 4 on the Sharon Show. These were a bit more complex, stitch wise, but all is well.

2. We had an AMAZING sunset last night!

I just realized that The Sharon Show has these colors!

3. But this was the view this morning.

4. My friend Deb sent me a pelican! 

5. I wanted to try some 'light on dark' cards and I think they turned out ok (these are just the 'tops'.

6. I'm reading two books now: "Blythewood"  which I think is YA but I like it (I like Carol Goodman a lot) and We Wish You Luck which so far I like a lot!

7. Our friends KC and Tink bring home their puppy today! Here is the banner all hung up, ready to welcome Little Stevie. It reads 'Welcome Home'. They'll only be here for a bit over a week before they go home to San Diego, so we'll have limited time for puppy snuggles. 

8. I'm playing around with 'light on dark' for cards. I like the look--this is embossing with white ink and cream colored powder.

That's all, but that's a lot!


KSD said...

That is quite a lot. I take it your ribs are feeling better?

kayT said...

Your Sharon Show shawl is gorgeous and does match the sunset. My colors match the top part of your photo (pink and blue) and I am enjoying the variety of stitches in this project.

Your cards are gorgeous too. I envy you your skills.

Caffeine Girl said...

That is a lot.
I love those cards. Embossing is really quite magical, especially white.
That Sharon Shawl is just gorgeous. I'm definitely going to buy the pattern after the MKAL. And your colors are beautiful together.

Bridget said...

Such a lovely series of photos. I love the colors you've chosen for your shawl!

Vera said...

That is a whole lot!! And everything is beautiful. I even like your morning pictures after the gorgeous sunset. So funny how your shawl matches the sunset - gorgeous!

Delighted Hands said...

So nice to see the things that keep you creative...beautiful works!

Tired Teacher 2 said...

How wonderful that the shawl colors were featured in the glorious sunset! Your knitting is lovely as are your cards.

kathy b said...

We'll I need to sees Stevie!!!!! Puppies that aren't mine are the BEST! Love all your cards. Love your view