Friday, September 11, 2020

Things are marginally better here

 Thanks for your good thoughts. The state continues to be a disaster, as a huge fire is moving north toward Portland. about 10% of the state's population has had to evacuate. The challenge is with so many fires, there isn't a lot of places where people can go. In our little town, several motels have opened up rooms for evacuees. There are people who live 15 miles from here who have lost everything. 

It is horrible.

In our own little bubble, things are OK. The fire south of us that caused the evacuation of Lincoln City has been contained; the major North/South highway (101) is open again, and the news said that people who have been evacuated from LC might be able to return sometime today. We had quite a bit of fog and very very cool temperatures yesterday so that was helpful. 

The fire east of our house in Eugene is still bad. It seems to be moving North and South and no new evacuation warnings have been issued. So that's positive. The wind is shifting to come from the west which should be helpful, and many more firefighters are headed toward that fire.

The air quality is horrible both places. In Eugene it is at 300.  It's down to 165 in Pacific City. Here is our view.

We went to the beach the other evening.

In good news, though, our internet and cable came back on yesterday, and that made me a bit less anxious. 

I haven't been able to concentrate on a lot, but here are a few photos for you.

First, the finishing of the fifth clue of the Sharon Show! Last one today! (ETA: nope, no clue 6 til next week).

Second, the Botanical shawl grows a bit.

That's it from our smoky home. Thanks again for the continued good thoughts.  Stay safe and hug your loved ones.


Delighted Hands said...

The news is sobering for so many because of the fires. The view of your rock looks other-worldly! Be careful.

kathy b said...

Kim you and your husband have been in my prayers and on my mind so much . Im hoping you somehow get to the end of this fire and your smoke clears quickly. The poor animals who have to live with that smoke!
Keep knitting. IM glad your internet is back. Thats so isolating.

Mereknits said...

So glad you are all safe, it is so devastating to see so much loss of life and property as well as gorgeous woods and animals. Stay safe.

Caffeine Girl said...

These fires are terrifying. I'm so glad you are safe, but I'm sure you are also vigilent. My friend in Berkeley drove down to LA to stay with a friend. I was hoping she'd fly here!