Tuesday, September 01, 2020

TNT and FO and bonus pictures

Happy TNT and Rabbit Rabbit! Happy  September 1st! I am sad summer is coming to an end but it has been such a weird summer. Hopefully next summer will be better.

The Cozy Cabin is finished, just in time for fall:

All I need to do is baste it in the hoop and it will be ready to hang with my fall triptych (I don't have a lot of fall embroideries, but I did do two fox ones and the color reminds me of fall).

Yesterday I played around with creating plaids via paper. I saw an email from a craft site that was selling a set of three metal dies that you can cut out and layer to be plaid. There were two problems: the dies were small (something like 2x3 I think) and that sounded fiddly to work with layers. Second, the set was close to $30, which seemed a bit pricey to me.

SOOOO I took a screenshot of the dies, uploaded it to my design program, and then cut them out on the machine.

I started with cutting out some Christmas paper, because for some reason I feel like I need ten gazillion Christmas cards. These still were pretty small (maybe 3x4 or a little bigger).

Here they are put together--you can see three different layers that when put together form a tartan. NO WEAVING!

Then I mounted on silverish and goldish card stock.

And then I blew up the image to a bigger card size, and cut out some blue Christmas paper (for Hanukah cards) and some springlike watercolor cards.

I really like these all! It was fun to create these!

I finished 'The Comeback' which I kind of recommend, but don't rush out and spend lots of money for it. 


Tired Teacher 2 said...

The cards look great in all the colors. Your cozy cabin is adorable: I love the trees.

kathy b said...

As soon as i Saw the cozy cabin kit, I loved it. You did it proud!f

Delighted Hands said...

Excellent execution of the plaid cards!!! Genius!
I stayed in a cabin in PA that looked just like your stitched one!

Vera said...

Love your stitched cabin and the trees - great job! Your cards are so pretty - all the different variations.