Saturday, September 19, 2020

Wrapping up the Sharon Show

 The sixth clue for the Sharon Show came out yesterday so I've been doing that. I'm in the middle of a huge ribbing section (huge=36 rows) and after that I only have 24 more rows til I bind off. So all in all, I have maybe 44 or so rows to go. I am ready for this to be done. I've had fun and all but I have a few more projects I really want to start and given that I have a sweater and two other scarves on the needles, I can't let myself cast on until this one is finished. 

What are the plans?

-Bee's Knees--I have a bright yellow yarn to make this with even though I never ever wear yellow. 

-The Rio Calina Cowl which was Cat Bordhi's last gift to the world (she passed today)

-Various stuffed gnomes

-The Dissent Cowl in honor of RBG, who passed yesterday (two bad days)

-The Curve bag even though I don't need a bag. 

-Gansey Herring.

There's several little things and then a big thing (sweater). I am wanting to do little things--instant gratification I guess.

I'm officially "back" at work for my final year (shhhh--haven't mentioned to anyone at the University that I'm going to retire at the end of this year---I *have* to retire by June 2022 but I can leave anytime I wish). 

Everyone--I mean everyone--here is celebrating clean air.


kathy b said...

Kim, I m very excited for your R plans! Your Cat cowl will honor her. She was a genius.

Vera said...

Glad the air is clearing! And yay for the BIG "R" plans!! Love your Sharon Shawl.

Delighted Hands said...

The cowl is pure Cat B ! Such a creative person. I'm glad your air is clearing up--nice to see the rock again! Nice to know you can get through this year cuz the end is in sight!