Thursday, October 15, 2020

Bees Knees #2

 I've done a bit more of the Bees Knees. Keep in mind these things when you are judging me on my slow progress (kidding! We don't judge!):

-there are 247 stitches on the needle

-none of this is mindless knitting--there are two cable sections, plus three huge 'textured stitch' sections. The 'mindless' sections are two 16-stitch panels on the sides.

The yarn is Lambs Pride from Brown Sheep in a color called Sunshine Yellow. IT is really a nice gold, very close to the color in this photo above.

Here is the textured section that is hard to see. But at least you can see that it is different from the ribbing!

Here is the first group of cables. There's cables to work on every odd numbered row. So that's a lot of cables.

I'm enjoying this--I haven't done anything cable-y, I don't think, since the pandemic started. It is good to be able to concentrate a bit. 

How are you? 


KSD said...

What a gorgeous color. Casting on that many stitches --- you are a brave soul. How many tries did it take you?

Kim in Oregon said...

Twinnie, I put in a removable marker every 50 stitches so it only took one try. I did a long tail cast on with two balls.

Delighted Hands said...

I use a LOT of stitch markers when I am doing cables so I can spot an error right away! Your new shawl is turning out beautifully--you are off to a good start!

Unknown said...

I love everything about that!
The color is so cheerful and the cables are darling.
I definitely can't knit anything that complex during the school year.