Monday, October 12, 2020

Calm after the storm


It stormed most of the day yesterday--sideways rain, 35 mile per hour gusts of winds, socked in by clouds. It was kind of a peaceful day--after we got out with the dogs, we just hunkered down. I spend much of the day reading and knitting and Tim read and then worked on his boat. We watched a great football game and had two roaring fires. A great day! 

And the pizza gathering with neighbors was great. It is hard to believe we all won't be together again til March but there will be people here off and on til then. 

Speaking of books: I read "Off Kilter" (the first book in a yarn mystery, based in Scotland). There wasn't much yarn in this one, but the characters are good, and it looks like more yarn in book 2.

I also read "Perfectly Impossible" which is a novel about a woman who is a personal assistant to a very rich family and all the crap she has to deal with. It is kind of like 'the Nanny diaries' but for personal assistants. I'm kind of a sucker for books about really rich people, and this was pretty fun. A quick rainy day read!

I spent much of the day working on this:

It looks like a onesie!

I'm down to the last 'full' stripe and then I do some short row magic and then on to the sleeves! I also did a few more rows on the yellow 'Bees Knees' sweater. And I also worked on the new TN project but that is for Tuesday!

I also made some cards for my Artist Trading Card group. These aren't the actual ATC cards but these will go with the cards. That group is a fun experience.

I use some of the cut out pieces to decorate the inside. I'm so fancy.


Kym said...

It's so nice to have rainy-day activities at the ready, isn't it? Your projects are looking great! XO

kathy b said...

I have to do something about my rainy day attitude. I just get so low.....
Fireman and iRead about increasing the lighting in your home and we are moving on that right away. Our family room only has two lights in the ceiling. We need 6 we figure.

I love your ambitious and wonderful Knitting !

and the cards

Delighted Hands said...

Isn't it nice to be able to knit when it's storming-we can just continue if the power goes out! lol The sweater is looking good!
The cards are very cool-nice idea.