Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Oh you pretty things

 Lots of little things to share with you today! Enjoy.

1. Robin!

This is done, and now is drying out on the deck. It's a beautiful day right now but will have to tote this in before it freezes at night. I still have ends to weave in. Of course I do.

2. New beads! 

These were done with some light cardstock strips I had hanging around, as well as with some washi paper (the pink and blue ones). I like those little washi paper ones but the Mod Podge does not harden the beads made of washi tape as much as the cardstock one.

3. In the wild!

Here's one of my first (second?) beads on a blue cord. Tim thinks it is too simple. I think it is just right. What do you think?

4. Do you want a necklace? Let me know, especially if you have a color preference (Twinster, purple?).

5. Artist Trading Cards! The November theme is something you're grateful for. 

These are distressed ink backgrounds, cut out letters, and a hand colored pie with a little topper. I think they're goofy and cute.


Delighted Hands said...

The sweater is a great accomplishment! In time for the chilly weather to move in. The cards are really fun! I imagine the beads are great fun to make!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Congrats on the sweater finish! I like the simplicity of the single bead, although I think 3 beads would look nice too. The cards are adorable!

KSD said...

You are thankful for PIES. I am, indeed, thankful for purple.

And tell Tim that sometimes in fashion less is more.

Vera said...

Love your sweater. Very pretty. Looks like you are having fun with your beads. I remember buyiung some at a fiber festival (obviously not this year!!). I think 3 on the cord would be better than 1. But, that's just me.

kathy b said...

You are such a good knitter Kim!! I think you are the artist and your decide on the number of beads. I love your PIE creation~!!!!!
I'm thankful for tiny little things:
the clicker or remote control
seeing a feather and identifying it
tooth whitener paste

Bridget said...

Your sweater is going to be perfect, and I LOVE your beads!

And yes, sometimes simple is best, but everyone of course has their own style opinion. I think the necklace is so very nice.