Thursday, October 01, 2020

Rabbit rabbit!

 Happy October! Let's hope this month goes by really fast and we can get to the election and start the process of building our country back to the place we know it can be.

I'm back to work--I had my first class meeting yesterday and it went OK. My class is the first in a full-year class on Brand Responsibility, so my goal is to introduce them to a lot of ideas and concepts so they can figure out what to focus on. 27 students plus me is a lot for a single Zoom meeting, but I have one-on-ones scheduled with them all as well so hopefully I'll get to know them better.

Here's my little work nook.

I'm on Rib 16 (out of 18) of this shawl! After thinking it would never get done, now I know it will get done.

I'm reading two good books--"The Boy in the Field" by Margot Livesey, one of my favorite writers, and "Diving for Starfish" which is NOT about marine life but rather fine jewelry. 

We have a bit more smoke on the coast but hopefully it will blow out soon.

We are headed to Lincoln City, about 20 miles south of here, to get flu shots at the closest Walgreens. A big city adventure!

Have a good Thursday friends!


KSD said...

Picturing tiny little Zoom boxes with tiny little students inside. Wishing you good luck (them, too, I guess.) ;)

Delighted Hands said...

Hope your days are going well!