Saturday, October 24, 2020

Saturday Stuff

 Not much going on here--the temperatures have dropped a bit so it is a bit cooler than we're used to, which is fine. We've had fires in the Tulikivi every morning and evening and that is keeping the house nice and toasty. We do have a heat pump but try not to use it unless it gets below 40 degrees or so.

I took this photo before I had finished the cuff, but that cuff is now finished so I have one complete arm. I also got the second arm going last night so I think this sweater is on its way to being done. There is minimal seaming to be done (just a small seam on the neck, and some reinforcing of the underarms) and some ends to get woven in but this one should be ready for fall weather.

I did a few more beads. These were made from a few pages of the most recent KnitPicks catalogue! 

I hope your weekend is warm and toasty!


KSD said...

I long for warm and toasty. Clouds and rain and humidity have me popping on the AC every now and then.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

I hope the Knit Picks catalog beads go to a knitter. What fun to know you were wearing a knitting catalog! :)
The sweater looks so warm and cozy. Love the stripes.

Delighted Hands said...

Our weekend was steamy! Still. Beautiful work on the sweater and beads!

Kym said...

I love your beads! And doesn't it feel good to be "almost finished" with your sweater? I think the 2nd sleeve always goes faster than the 1st one! XO

kathy b said...

I love your beadwork too. They remind me of the toys in the pediatricians office that I refused to let my children go near. Full of germs >Who puts that in a sick room of kids and well kids. Even pre covid. I was a worrier nurse!