Monday, November 02, 2020

And back we fell

 This was a good weekend. Usually I love the fall time change because we get an extra hour of sleep. Saturday night we went to bed sort of late for us, and then Tim was awake at around 4-ish and I was awake around 5-ish. But that's ok. 

The weather was really beautiful--sparking sun, almost no wind, and pretty warm (high 50s both days).  Sunday we took the kayaks out for about an hour and a half on the Big Nestucca River.  We saw a sea lion pop its head up here and there, which is always charming (the Nestucca river empties into the Nestucca Bay which empties into the ocean, so it's not unusual that we see them).

We didn't have any Trick or Treaters last night but that's not surprising. We saw the neighborhood kids all dressed up at the end of the day (there are four, maybe) and they all went somewhere so I'm sure they had fun.

I did some work on this drop stitch shawl (the stitches aren't dropped yet, obviously). 

I also did some new beads. I tried to make these smaller, and I'm going to do some necklaces with multiple beads.

These pink and white ones have a special meaning--they are from a card that was sent to me from my twinnie Kim

I'm reading two good books, first "Rachel to the Rescue" by Elinor Lipman, a fun book about DC politics (believe me, it is fun). Elinor Lipman has been one of my favorites for a long time. Plain Bad Heroines is an interesting book that has me intrigued. It is about the making of a scary movie at one level, and about a bunch of other stuff that I haven't even been able to parse out on other levels.

Finally, we have enjoyed watching the moon set. 

 Happy Monday!


Kym said...

That sounds like a perfect weekend! I love that you're using special "paper" for your beads. What a great way to save special things. And to think -- you have sea lions in addition to that gorgeous view??? Oh, what a fabulous place to be. XO

Vera said...

Sounds like a great weekend! We have wind, Strong, gusty wind. The windows are rattling and it is fairly chilly - 42 or so. I'm hunkering down to stay inside today.

KSD said...

Thanks for saying the stitches aren't dropped yet. I was thinking it's time to get my glasses changed.

Delighted Hands said...

Good times on the weekend-inside and outside!

kathy b said...

Im so jealous you can still paddle. It is too cold and the water is too cold for safety here.
I had no trouble staying up late.....I love the night. But I was tired today.

Weekend involved a fun zoom with two other blog pals. Lots of fun.

Talked to both my kiddos. :)