Saturday, November 28, 2020

Not really knitting

 I haven't been knitting a lot--there has been cooking and tiny needles and other stuff--but it has been a good weekend so far (only a good because the Ducks lost last night).  Let's look at a few pictures:

Thanksgiving even saw the arrival of these gorgeous flowers from our friends Joonghwa and Soojung who live in North Dakota. Joonghwa was a student in one of my only summer school classes, I think in 2000. We have always stayed in touch, and now he is a professor at NDSU, as is Soojung. They met at a conference that I'm very involved with. Such a small world. 

Dinner was duck breast, green beans, foccacia, and wild mushroom potato gratin. And chocolate pot de creme for desserst. Yes, we're a bit non traditional. 

Yesterday I worked on my December artist trading cards. Here are my little gnomes!  

 And this is what the card will look like: 

Yesterday we took a beach walk and then went to find our Christmas tree. It is 10 feet tall. We will spend some time today trying to figure out where it goes. Stay tuned for that!


KSD said...

I watched the game. If the Ducks hadn't been wearing the neon green, I wouldn't have been able to see them in that fog.

kathy b said...

Oh I love your cards. THe flowers and the story are lovely. How nice that certain relationships are meantt to be solid over time! I cannot wait to see that 10 foot tree

Delighted Hands said...

What a nice day ! Your cards are so cute--good job on them! The beach walk sounds great!